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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Cut through the foam using a sharp knife, following along the drawn lines. Cut the entire length of one side, then flip over and do the same thing on the other side. Continue cutting until you reach an edge and then stop because it will be hard to measure accurately from there on out Dampen for Fast Curing Expanding polyurethane foam requires moisture to expand and cure. If you're applying foam to dry wood or other dry surfaces, or working on a day with little humidity, misting the area first will help the foam expand and cure faster. Be careful, though; you want to dampen the area, not wet it Dryfast is a particularly unique material in the diverse world of foam. An open-cell foam, Dryfast is the most porous material of all varieties of cellularly-interconnected foams. If you placed a block of traditional polyurethane foam a few feet away and looked at it, you would struggle to see any of the tiny cells that make up its structure With the large open cell design, this type of product provides exemplary airflow not found in other types of foam allowing it to dry at a much faster rate of time. While there are plenty of foams which dry quickly because of the larger cells, this option can dry quickly even after complete and total saturation which is definitely a game changer.

Remember to strain the water before pouring it out. The cut styrofoam block can easily be patted dry afterwards, as styrofoam does not absorb water. Advertisement. Method 2 of 3: Cutting Styrofoam with Electric Tools Use a foam cutting saw to cut through larger pieces. Moving too fast through the foam will cause the wire to snap Dry Fast Foam. $ 1.00. Dry Fast Foam is ideal for outdoor uses as it is non-water absorbent and won't mold, rot, or mildew. With an open-cell structure, it is very resilient and buoyant. It can also be used for air and water filters. Item: *. Quantity: *. Dry Fast Foam quantity. 01234567890123456789 Dry Fast Foam | Uses, Firmness, Weight, Longevity | FoamOnline. Foamonline.com. Description: Dry Fast Foam is very good for outdoor uses. It is non-water absorbent and won't mold, rot or mildew. It is very resilient and buoyant, with an open-cell structure. Dry Fast Foam is used for filtering or padding that is subject to high amounts of liquid

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Qik-Dri is a reticulated (extremely open cell) material that possesses ultimate fluid drain-ability, while providing durability and comfort. It is manufactured with a built-in fungicidal additive that inhibits fungus and mildew - important for retarding stain and odour. Qik-Dri is now available in medium (QD30) and firm (QD50) compressions to. This foam cutting saw has a base that rides on tiny wheels to prevent friction, and the large area of the base keeps the blade straight up and down. Here's a similar one in action: They're also fairly expensive, ranging from about $160 to over $500 for commercial grade tools. Hercules makes a nice-looking one for about $389 Try using a metal scraper if you can't cut through the foam easily. Place the blade of your metal scraper against the top edge of the foam so it's flat against the surface. Apply a firm amount of pressure and push the scraper through the foam. Keep using sharp downward thrusts with the scraper to get rid of the foam

Dry Fast foam is formulated with an antimicrobial agent to prevent mold and mildew. It is a more expensive foam, but you get what you pay for. When paired with an outdoor cushion fabric or Phifertex Mesh, open cell foam creates a virtually maintenance free cushion in sun, rain, and snow. Dry Fast is a popular, user-friendly open cell foam For a firm cushion that is built to last, Dry Fast outdoor foam for patio furniture and marine cushions is the perfect choice to ensure that your outdoor seating isn't soaking up rainwater. Comprised of antimicrobial agents, Dry Fast's reticulated open cell foam composition allows for water to flow right through the material, making it a mold resistant foam

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  1. The first step in learning how to cut drywall is scoring the material correctly. After measuring your drywall, lay a T-Square on the right side of the material. Use a pencil to draw a scoring line. With a sharp utility knife or other cutting tool, follow the pencil line and lightly cut through the paper layer of drywall
  2. A good DIY approach is to cut rigid foam insulation to fit between the joists. Cut it about 1/2 in. undersized so it's easy to fit in. Shim the rigid foam in place with little chunks of foam. Then fill the space around it with expanding foam. Don't forget to caulk or foam the joint between the sill plate and the foundation too
  3. Best way to cut the open cell foam is with a sharp knife or electric turkey knife, just repeat in 1 direction over and over again in one direction to get a clean cut. Please note that if you order these size sheets they may be bigger than actual size as listed

Buy reticulated polyurethane dry-fast foam sheets custom cut to your required dimensions. Keep your bottom dry by adding reticulated dry-fast foam filling in your custom homemade cushions 1 (800) 528-4576. Cart (0) Sample Swatches Available. Visit Our Fabric Shop MENU DRY FAST RETICULATED FOAM is composed of large reticulated cell that allows it to dry quickly after getting wet. Open pores that permits maximum water drainage and air circulation (Not present in other foams). Foam can be cut to the size that you need with a sharp carving knife or electric knife. We also do Pre-cut foams on your desired. Dryfast Foam Physical Data Sheet. Dryfast foam is a great-quality foam with a firm feel. Dryfast's wide, open cells allow it to drain liquid easily, so it doesn't absorb moisture like conventional foams. Common applications include outdoor uses like patio cushions, boat cushions, and boat mattresses. Typical life is 5 to 8 years

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  1. I have cut a lot of foam over the years. I learned early on that if you're going to perform an operation regularly you ought to buy the proper tool to make it easy. THAT'S why I have a foam saw! I cut foam for yacht interiors with a friggin' electric knife for YEARS before I was finally able to convince my boss to buy the proper machinery, lol
  2. Dry Fast is a high quality open cell foam. When paired with an outdoor cushion fabric or Phifertex Mesh, open cell foam creates a virtually maintenance free cushion in sun, rain, and snow. Dry fast formula on our foam could also be used in home products like bedding for those with health concerns These traits also make this foam great for boat.
  3. Ideal for cockpit cushions and exposed outdoor furniture. Dry Fast Open Cell Antimicrobial Foam is a great-quality open cell foam, also known as reticulated foam, with a solid, firm feel. The open pores in the foam allow for water and air to pass through, making Dry Fast foam a great choice for marine and outdoor applications
  4. We have an assortment to choose from such as Polyurethane Foam, Polyethylene Foam (Closed-Cell), Dry Fast Foam, and Memory Foam. We also supply natural products like cotton, and fabrics. We offer retail complete sheets of foam or cut to size in small and large quantities

Dry Fast is a reticulated open cell foam manufactured to withstand the elements. Comprised of antimicrobial agents, Dry Fast's porous composition is produced through a Hydroblast Reticulation, this allows for water to flow right through the material while providing maximum air circulation, never truly absorbing moisture Expanding polyurethane foam sealant requires moisture to expand and cure. If you're applying foam to dry wood or other dry surfaces, or working on a day with little humidity, misting the area first will help the foam expand and cure faster. Be careful, though; you want to dampen the area, not wet it. Foam sealant won't stick well to a wet surface

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  1. Spray foam insulation is a great way to create a tight, energy-efficient building envelope. It comes in several versions, each of which comes with unique benefits. Though factors like temperature and ambient moisture can alter the curing time of foam, as a general rule it will cure within 24 hours
  2. Polyurethane foam itself is often used for deadening sound, insulation in floatation devices, packing materials and in simple upholstery. However you will find that it can be quit difficult to cut and shape as you want. The best and most efficient way to cut your foam is to go to a company that has a CNC Machine
  3. Quick dry foam has been specifically designed for outdoor use in residential applications and marine environments. Unlike conventional foam, quick dry foam drains quickly allowing the cushions to dry fast even after being saturated while protecting it against mould growth. This is thanks to the open-cell structural makeup which allows water and.
  4. Re: Water logged foam... best way to dry out. I am going to disagree with the consensus here. Yes, the foam WILL dry out. Of course, it will take maybe a decade of dry storage. The rotten wood will also be dried out, and you will probably be able vacuum it out because it will have disintegrated by then
  5. Dry Fast cushions can be shaped the same as conventional foam. Comfort: Dry Fast cushions may also be lightly over wrapped with non-woven fiber padding for extra plushness. After wrapping, test cushions to ensure proper drainage. Adjust padding density as necessary. Pores should not be blocked with adhesive
  6. DRY FAST RETICULATED FOAM is composed of large reticulated cell that allows it to dry quickly after getting wet. Open pores that permits maximum water drainage and air circulation (Not present in other foams). Foam can be cut to the size that you need with a sharp carving knife or electric knife. We also do Pre-cut foams on your desired.

7. Now you start to polish. Get your fine foam pad for polish and basically follow the same steps as the compound. Small areas at a time, keep moving, etc.-For polish you want a medium speed and to move faster. (But follow the directions for your product.) You'll know when your done when all the swirl marks are out of the paint Create a texture paint by mixing about 4 parts of glue, 1 part of paint, and 1 part scenery sand, and apply it over the cliffs. You could also use filler to create a more rock-like texture, or a combination of both. Thin the glue with a drop of water and cover your hills, then pour over the sand and let it dry

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If you're free and clear, use a reciprocating saw to cut sideways and remove the foam. Never cut at a 90-degree angle, as this will ruin your wall completely. 4. Pry it out With Older Tools. You could try using an old claw hammer and an old flat pry bar—old so the edges will be a bit blunt and damage to your wall will be kept to a minimum. 5. The foam should also be completely dry, which would make removal easier. Start the removal with a knife or a flat chisel or hammer. This way, you should try using these tools to remove as much foam as possible and get as close to the base as possible

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Minimize swirl by maintaining clean buffing pads. Spur wool pads frequently, wash and air dry occasionally. Soak foam pads in warm water and ring dry. Never put in dryer. Cross contamination is another leading cause of swirl. Keep compound pads separate from polishing and finishing pads. Match the right buffing pad to the right polishing material Foam cushions can suffer from spills, rain or general wear and tear. First wash stains or dirt from foam cushions using warm, soapy water. Rinse clean and wring out excess water. Wrap cushions in towels and press out excess water, and leave to dry on floor. Place outdoors for air drying Dryfast foam also known as EZ-Dry is our most popular outdoor foam seat, back and mattresses cushion applications. With open pores, this foam has a 1 to 3 hour drying time and can be left outside all the time. To make the foam last longer it is best to storage the foam when it is not in use

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  1. Shake a can of spray foam vigorously and spray a thick layer of foam over one side of the cardboard core. Keep spraying until the foam is built up and vaguely resembles the desired finished shape. Let the foam rest for about one hour, or until it is dry and hard. You may need more or less drying time, depending on the size of your form
  2. 1. Water load. Flush your system with water, then taper your consumption slowly to produce a drier look that highlights your abs. Drink up: Days 1-3: 3 gallons. Day 4: 2.5 gallons. Day 5: 1.75.
  3. Clark Foam is a leader in new foam products, innovative cutting techniques, and computer designed foam products that are more efficient, at less cost to a wide spectrum of manufacturers. Clark Foam Products offers a diverse line of foam products, our product line includes: Crosslink Foam, Dry-fast Foam, Electrostatic Dissipative Foam, EVA.
  4. Biofreeze 3 oz. foam is the first OTC pain relief foam on the market, and its light and airy consistency help it apply easily and dry quickly for fast, powerful pain relief to small and large body areas. Unique cooling menthol formula is backed by science and research-proven to relieve pain from sore muscles, backaches, sore joints, and arthritis
  5. Cut the foam correctly: Only try to cut floral foam after it has soaked. If you try to cut dry foam, you risk crushing the delicate cells that are meant to hold water for your blooms. When you do cut it to size for a tall vase or container, cut it a bit smaller than you need. Your goal is to avoid crushing the foam as you put it inside the vase.

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Dry-Fast Foam. With Dry-Fast Outdoor and Marine Seating Foam water goes right through it! Dry-Fast is a technologically advanced, mildew resistant product for outdoor and marine seating applications where exposure to water creates the need for enhanced drainability, durability and comfort has a reduced tendency to dry out in application. New Fast Cut Plus Extreme is designed to be used with our range of green foam pads for maximum effi ciency to the product, either with fl at foam pad that work faster with quick movements or convoluted foam which heat less the paint We are a foam supplier and fabricator located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that supplies various foams cut to any size and shape. Our products include foam cushions, upholstery foam, foam wrapped with dacron, dri fast foam, foam rubber, foam mattresses, latex foam, memory foam, foam toppers, high density foam, convoluted foam, sofa bed mattresses, custom cushions, foam wedges, and foam bolsters Have your little artists create a layout for their design on a semi-rigid material (I used large white cardboard envelopes) and when they're ready for the foam simply cut off a corner at the bottom of the bag and use like you're piping icing. Once the art has been completed, set aside so the foam can dry and solidify overnight

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There is only one Urecel Quick Dry Foam in The World- But of course it can be specified to exactly fit your requirements. Any shape and design for all comfort levels. From seats to backs, bolsters to pillows, foam only to tetron wrapped and all covered in your choice of fabric and you can use this for your Patio Furniture Cushions It's best to remove spray foam insulation from clothing when it's still wet and hasn't had time to set. Rub down the exposed clothing with a dry rag that you don't mind throwing out later, and take off all the insulation that came into contact with the fabric. The next step is key in erasing all evidence of the foam from the clothing How to Dry Out a Hot Tub Lid. Hot tub lids consist of a foam core inside a vinyl cover. While it is normal for a small amount of condensation to form inside the cover, larger quantities of water.

Foam brush: Use this to spread the decoupage medium or glue onto the item you will decoupage. If you don't have a foam brush, you can use an ordinary paintbrush or even a cotton swab. Scissors: Use to cut out the pictures and other items you will be decoupaging. To help with cutting decorative paper with a lot of small details, you might want. Farecla G Mop 6″ White Fast Cut Dry Use Euro Foam Pad, 2-Pack (GMC618). Offers the best ever cutting action and a rapid mirror finish If you mistakenly used dry flower foam for a fresh-cut flower arrangement, you would discover your mistake quickly. Because of the formulation and density of dry floral foam, it will not absorb or take up fluid readily, if at all, when placed in water. Wet flower foam, on the other hand, quickly absorbs water like a sponge

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Dry Arrangment Floral Foam- case of 20. $ 33.70. SKU: SYND-Dri-Foam-II. DriFoam II and Desert Foam have superior strength to insure that you silk and permanent arrangements will hold together indefinately. These dry floral foams allow your designers easy stem insert Cutting a cigar can come across as a surprisingly complicated procedure for the uninitiated. However, after selecting the right cutter and learning how to properly cut a cigar, it'll no longer become a daunting experience. Furthermore, there are different types of cigar shapes and sizes as well as cutting devices So you've successfully dry shaved! Now it's time to rinse your legs of any residual shaving cream, lotion, or body oil. You can do this by using a clean, wet washcloth or a baby wipe. Go gentle on your skin, you don't need to wipe too hard to remove excess product. Let legs air dry a bit and voila! You're officially a dry shaving expert. 7

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  1. I needed to make a cut in 3-part foam RV mattress that was 4.5″ thick, and I wanted to cut it at 2″ up from the bottom where the first layer was glued to the 2nd layer. It worked OK, but the saw created a lot of little foam sawdust that took a long time to vacuum up
  2. Step 3: Cut Through The Excess Insulation. Once the insulation has hardened, use a knife, saw, or another suitable tool to cut it out or pry it from the construction material. If you need to remove spray foam from a cavity (perhaps around a door), use a hammer or chisel to rip it out
  3. Size: 8''x10''. Create custom color ink pads! 8''x1'' dry double-sided stamp pad foam sheet for use with pigment and viscous inks, paints, and glues. Features non-stick b
  4. This high density foam can be used to produce sturdier, more detailed patterns. It can still be cut and shaped by hand but is also well suited to CNC machining. Also suitable for use as a buoyancy foam or non-structural core material. The foam is 100mm thick and available to buy online in a range of block sizes from 300 x 300mm to 1220 x 1220mm
  5. Having a dry mouth makes it uncomfortable to do basic things like breathe, speak, and swallow. Kind of important stuff. The good news is that many of the causes of dry mouth can be easily fixed
  6. You can blow spray foam or cellulose into the walls from outside. Just cut a 1 inch to 2-inch hole between the studs at the top of the wall and then spray the insulation into the hole using a hose. Replace the cutouts, fill using wood filler and then sand smooth and paint to restore your siding
  7. utes for products to penetrate. Step 3: Lightly wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Step 4: Additional application is usually needed for trim with wax residue so assess the results and repeat the steps if needed. YouTube

Supplies Needed to Cut Foam: Measuring tape. Sharpie marker. Straight edge (could even be a piece of cardboard) Long serrated bread knife. Seam ripper and basic sewing kit (if your foam is encased in fabric) Step 1: Remove Any Fabric Before Cutting the Foam. Before jumping into cutting the foam, remove any fabric encasement from your memory. Generally, foam dressings are meant for partial- or full-thickness wounds. Wounds which benefit from the use of foams dressings include: Foam dressings can be used on wounds that have softened necrotic tissue. They are also flexible and can be cut to fit specific body parts like toes, fingers, or ears

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At the House of Foam we can custom cut and fit your new foam into your old cushions. we carry a variety of foam products that can address even the most difficult project. Give us a call today we have experts at your ready to help . 410 -727-0982 We have two conventant locations to visit or if possible we can ship directly to you So how to dry air-dry clay faster? The short answer is you can dry air-dry clay in the oven. Simply put your Sculpture on a baking sheet, that is covered with parchment paper, put your Sculpture in the oven (keep the oven door a crack wide open) and then heat your oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave the sculpture in the Oven for about 20. Foam core is a sturdy, lightweight material that is easy to cut, which makes it an exceptional choice for mounting photographic prints, posters and banners. It consists of a polystyrene clad center layer sandwiched between two outer layers of white clay-coated, matte paper. Foam core is known by many names, including foamcore.

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Foam Sheets 24x82. 24 Wide x 82 Long x 0.5'' up to 6'' Thick. Foam Sheets 30x82. 30 Wide x 82 Long x 0.5'' up to 6'' Thick. Foam Sheets 40x82. 40 Wide x 82 Long x 0.5'' up to 6'' Thick. Dry Fast Reticulated Foam 24 Width. 24 Wide x 72 Long. Dry Fast Reticulated Foam 30 Width The Solution: Buy foam from BuyFoam.com and make your couch, right again. High quality foam at a fraction of the cost of a new couch. Our foams are built to last, generally the life of the fabric will be the life of the foam. We Take the Worry Out of Buying Foam Online: When it comes to finding foam rubber for replacement foam cushions, there. The following are some alternative methods and remedies people can try to make wounds heal faster: 1. Antibacterial ointment. A person can treat a wound with several over-the-counter (OTC. DE NEEF® Aqua-Tite is a fast reacting two-component polyurethane foam formulated to expand up to 6 times its original volume. DE NEEF® Cut Cat Fast and Extra Fast PURe are designed to be mixed with DE NEEF® Cut PURe to allow for faster reaction times in applications involving the cut-off of gushing water with a high to very high pressure. The Guritta foam can craft distinct shapes. From an angle of your choice, you can simply cut the foam block or the foam board and then craft it into any shape. To add on that, it features smooth, clean and fast cutting. It heats up faster up to a temperature of about 350℃ depending on the material

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Cutting Carbon Fiber with a Laser Cutter. Do not use a laser cutter as it will not work any carbon fiber. The laser melts the epoxy much faster than it can have an impact on the carbon fibers. This results in a very poor cut line and very few broken fibers. Cutting Safety. Always remember to use safety protection when cutting our material High quality custom foam for a wide variety of uses, furniture Foam. Custom industrial use foam and packaging foam. Over 74 years in the custom foam business When cutting thicker craft foam, clean front metal bar. Make sure no part of your material will go under the rubber rollers (this could cause the machine to jam or error) Whenever possible, test a cut prior to cutting your main project. If edges come out rugged, replace blade prior to the final cut Sometimes the glue is being absorbed by the EVA Foam (depending on the density of your foam). So if you see, that the layer of glue, that you applied, is very light and is not really tacky, then simply apply another layer to the EVA Foam. When both layers are dry to the touch but still a little tacky its time to press the pieces together

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We have the widest range of foam from premium-density foam to high-density foam, medium density foam, peeled foam, closed-cell foam, filter foam, dry flow foam and bamboo charcoal foam. Don't forget, at Clark Rubber, all our foam can be cut to your specified size and shape, and be delivered directly to your house, or you can pick up in-store I used a pair of poultry scissors to cut the foam, which made that part go very quickly. I built up layers of the foam to vary the depth of the piece of the face. I also picked up a pack of 1/8 inch thick foam sheets at Michaels, which I used to smooth over the built up layers of the eyes and nose Step 1: Prep & Part. Before you even think about spraying it in your hair, shake the bottle up, Appleton says, referring to aerosol, spray, and foam dry shampoos (you don't need to shake. This foam has no water absorption, so you can safely cover it with any type of fabric. Thin sheets of closed cell foam are often glued to the bottom of other foam, adding additional support for the cushion, like a box spring to a mattress. When used with Dry Fast Foam, cut holes in the closed cell foam for drainage

Outdoor foam dries almost immediately after exposure to: rain, salt spray, melting snow, morning dew, washing, or other types of moisture and humidity Recommended for outdoor seating applications such as outdoor furniture, patio cushions, golf carts, boats, or wherever cushions are exposed to the element Decide if you want a wet or dry cut. Alright, there's technically no right answer here, since cutting your hair wet or dry is all about personal preference. In general, though, if you're going.

If Outdoors - Choose A Dry, Windy, & Sunny Area. If you have no other choice but to dry your wood outdoors, you do want to choose a good place to do it. Now, the sun is a big bonus when it comes to drying wood. Your wood will dry many times faster if it is exposed to lots of sunlight every day. So, if possible, have the drying stack in the sun Secure the foam in a small dish with a few strips of clear waterproof floral tape. For deep containers and vases, shave off the four corners of your brick just enough to gain clearance into the vase. It isn't necessary to cut the brick into a perfect circular shape to match the opening of the container. For large containers, you don't need. The foam is supposed to set in seconds, so I held it level as the foam expanded, and the problem of the swaying happened well after it had been held in place for an extended period (whether it was done by setting up a brace or done by literally holding it in place, that should have sufficed since it was supposed to be <10 minutes of my time for. www.alibaba.co

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Step 3: Smooth the Tape . Step 4: Apply a Second Coat of Joint Compound . Step 5: Apply a Third Coat of Joint Compound . Step 6: Sand Everything . 1. Fill the Troughs Along the Sheet Edges. The long edge of each drywall sheet is beveled, purposely made thinner than the rest of the sheet DAP ® Fast Dry Premium Spackling DAP ® FAST DRY Premium Spackling is a professional-grade spackling compound uniquely formulated to provide strength and durability like traditional heavyweight spackling, but also dries fast and can also be painted in as little as 15 minutes 6 Best Glue for Foam Board 2019 Reviews. Foam boards can transform a space into an art gallery, they are easy to look and look great with photographs and artworks. If you're not really keen on paying extra to get foam board prints done by a professional printer, then a quick DIY will not only cost you less, it also will bring out your creative side

Step 4: Remove the padding. You may have to cut off the wet section. If you have a dry sunny day, you can try laying the wet padding in the sun to dry it. Flip the padding over during the day to make sure it dries from both sides. Once dry, move on to the deodorizer and mold killer step Floral Foam can last up to 12 months when stored in a dry dark place. It can turn brown rather quickly if left in sunlight or damp conditions. Cutting stems for foam. Cutting flowers with a sharp knife opens the interior waterways. Clippers tend to press them together. Cut stems at a sharp slant slice through foam like an arrow Most facilities have rules in place asking homeowners to do their part and cut the cardboard down into squares or rectangles of a specific size (often no larger than 2 feet by 2 feet). If you bring cardboard to a facility, you might be able to avoid having to cut it down into smaller sizes. It also has to be clean and dry

It was great to use on my Porter Cable polisher for restoring my headlight lens on 2002 BMW 525i. After initial hand wet sanding with 600 & 1500 grit, I finished it off with the 3 backing plate and Griot's garage 3 Boss fast correcting foam pad on my PC and only took about 10 minutes per lens to bring them back to new with Meguiar's PlastX Use mechanical support for 24 hours while the adhesive cures. Cure time is dependent upon temperature, humidity, porosity of substrate and amount of adhesive used. Low temperature and humidity will slow cure time. When bonding EPS and XPS foam insulation, avoid cure and surface temperatures above 90°F (32°C)

Foamboards.com is a one stop shop for pre-cut foam board. Specializing in hundreds of sizes and multiple styles, you'll never need another Foam board supplier. (601) 301-3626 Monday-Friday from 9 am to 5 pm E Details. Enjoy the luxury of a spa experience in your own home with the Smart Dry Memory Foam Bath Mat Collection. Each quick-drying bath mat features ventilated open cell memory foam with a non-skid backing and a soft, plush design. Ventilated open cell memory foam. Quick-drying design A topper of Memory or other foam can be a great success. Most people choose a 2in to a 3in piece of Memory Foam for this, but even a thin layer of quilted batting can help. Custom-fit toppers can be purchased to fit your needs. Tossing a piece of foam on your existing mattress may help, but you will get better results if the topper has a fabric.