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I received a lot of requests for a video on my outside antennas setup, here it is!You will find below all the links mentioned in the video.My 2020 Ham Shack!.. A review of the Chameleon CHA-MPAS 2.0 complete system. Yes my trolls, I'll explain why this may just be the most versatile ham radio antenna system availabl.. So when you pass your Foundation or first licence exam, which HF antennas should you consider? My perspective based on my experiences Let's look at antenna basics. Height above ground, resonance, folding back elements and more. Thanks to the Telford and District Amateur Radio Society for ho.. In this video, we discuss vertical antennas, ground planes, and radials for ham radio. We also use a tool called MMANA-GAL to do some antenna modeling. Plea..

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  1. Introducing the 'L' Dipole antenna. A popular ham radio antenna that can be used portable or for base station use. For more ham radio adventures, please visi..
  2. Here is a great demo on how to get on HF ham radio using a very small antenna and making contacts. Rodger was able to talk to several locations around the wo..
  3. Chameleon Antennas and Ham Radio Outlet join the HRCC on the YouTube Ham Fest 2021 #YTHF21 https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1KAjn5rGhizds-d3WxPEoXk5ExeMQI..
  4. Greyline's Flagpole Antenna and HF Verticals for Real DX, 160-6M, No Radials. Custom RF design for HOA and XYL approval. For ham radio, NVIS, disaster, & emergency communication services. Write or call 435-200-490
  5. United States I'm an Amateur Radio enthusiast. I love the hobby and experimenting with radios, antennas and software. On my YouTube channel I upload videos on the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610 along with Ham radio software programs. I hope to inspire people to get involved in Amateur Radio. Frequency 1 video / month Since Oct 201
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ANTENNAS 3 de 45 36. 1.9 MHz Full-wave Loop Antenna 23 37. Multi-Band Portable Antenna 24 38. Terminated Sloper Antenna 25 39. Double Extended Zepp Antenna 2 It all began with the famous 'Vest Pocket' Amateur radio antenna. Development of the Vest Pocket design from monoband to multi-band lead to the development of a tri-band Vest Pocket utilizing one feedline. It was through this innovation that the development and focus of miniaturized, multi-band antennas became the mainstay of the Mosley product. There are many other misinformed persons stating that power is the ultimate force. Not So ! The heart of any radio station, be it Amateur Radio, Commercial, Business, CB, Personal Family Radio, or experimenters in extremely low power amateur radio ( QRP as it is called ) transmissions IS the antenna! Without good reception, you won't hear much We specialize in custom made amateur radio antennas & accessories for mobile, home, and portable settings. Build with top-rated, quality components, we offer Lifetime Warranties on all our products. COMPANY INFORMATION. Phone: 623.326.8780. Address: 1614 E Dolores Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85086

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PackTenna makes ultralight, portable HF amateur radio antenna systems and accessories. PackTennas are light weight, compact, portable HF antenna systems ideal for operating on the trail, at the campsite, on Field Day, SOTA activation, air travel, or HOA restricted locations. PackTennas use full size wire antenna elements that can be configured. 10-160M EFHW Sr $219. 6-80M EFHW JR $199. 34′ JR 6-80 Meter and the 60′ SR 10-160 Meter HF antenna that is tunable to a near perfect match. Element. Alpha Match. End Fed Half Wave. + Counterpoise. 60' J-Pole Sr 34' J-Pole Jr Reviews. 6-160M HOA BUSTER Chameleon Antenna & Ham Radio Outlet! Youtube Ham Fest 2021. Post author By admin; Post date May 22, 2021; We are a group content creators with a common vision of sharing amateur radio and it's associated activities, technology and relativity with the world. We thank you, our subscribers, for all of your support throughout the years..

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Saved from youtube.com. Ham Radio Tutorial - How To Use An Antenna Tuner. N7TFP talks about how to use an antenna tuner to tune an antenna. Saved by Michael Meadows. 90. Radios Arduino Ham Radio Equipment Ham Radio Antenna Emergency Preparedness Survival Electrical Projects Two Way Radio Communication Amateur Radio has been a supreme way of communications for many ways of getting messages from one place to another for decades! Many antennas have been invented simply by necessity. Spark Gap Transmitters were used around the time of the.. G0KSC YouTube Tutorial Videos _____ I have started a series of tutorials on how to use EZNEC for basic Yagi Modelling and if successful, will move on to other antenna software packages too. Please follow on YouTube and let me know if there is any particular subject you would like to see Established in 2008, Chameleon Antenna has been a great source of enjoyment for amateur radio operators. Their antenna designs have inspired other companies to also rethink their own antenna systems. Chameleon Antenna is proudly manufacturing antennas that are 100% made in the USA

Antenna Tuners. Match your transmitter or transceiver to virtually any antenna with antenna tuners from DX Engineering. Whether you have a balanced, unbalanced, or single-wire antenna, our antenna tuners offer impedance-matching capabilities for more efficient power transfer For now, here is the parts list for what you will need to build a simple antenna for the 10 m band: 1. 2 Jetstream JTMHF10 10m Mobile HF Stick Antennas. 2. MFJ-347 Dipole Mount. 3. A length of Coaxial Cable, preferably RG-8X or RG-213U to keep losses low. 4 Mar 26, 2015 - Are you looking for a UHF omni antenna with a little more gain? Our UHF Slim Jim Antenna delivers up to 6dbi of gain on the 440 - 470 Mhz UHF bands, which is almost twice the gain of a J-Pole and 5 times the gain of a 1/4 wave ground-plane antenna. Plus the antenna also have the great low noise floor and wide bandwidt Rotor Control Software for Directional Amateur Radio Antennas Integrating with Logbook and Satellite Tracking, Rotor Control manages beam headings via any computer interfaced rotor controller. Many modern control boxes such as the M2 RC2800PX, Green Heron RT-2x series, Yaesu GS-232, MDS RC-1, and HyGain DCU series controllers have computer. From large‐scale, commercial‐grade enterprise systems to high‐end amateur radio offerings, SteppIR is the leading global HF‐communication solution provider. Powered by our patented technology that provides the highest quality and most reliable system on the market, we are pleased to support your communication needs. From emergency.

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18m Nebula DX Commander Pole Only. This is the full 18m DX Commander. DO NOT confuse this with another 18m pole on the market, this pole has: Stiffer Walls Heavier weight (by 20%) Custom Screw Base Longer when extended Shipping length is 1.57m and weght is 8Kg (about 17 pounds). Supplied with stay up kit (12 clamps and rubber hose) Price: £230.00 Antennas including linked dipoles, telescopic poles also ham radio kits - everything you need. If you are thinking of leaving your ham shack with your radio, take a look. We can help. Antennas. FT-817 FT-818 accessories. Audio filters and more. DC Power; radio shack or portable. Antenna Supports and Hardware 10 Meter Radios from the leader, we utilize state of the art circuit design and manufacturing. High Performance 10 meter radio, cb Antennas, cb Microphones & 3YR WNTY Software. Antennas & Accessories. Amateur Antennas. Beam and Yagi Antennas. Vertical Antennas. Di Pole & Halo Loop Antennas. HF Magnetic Loop & Loop Tuners. Handheld and QRP Antennas. Mobile AmateurAntennas

The J-Pole antenna, more properly known as the J antenna [6], is one of the most popular antennas for 2m vertical use in the amateur radio ranks. It has been around for many decades [1]. I have covered J-Poles quite a bit on this site [2]. My favorite feature is the versatile feed adjustment provided by the J part of the antenna Firestik is one of the top manufacturers of CB/HAM radio antennas, coax cables, and antenna mounting kits. Well-known in the CB radio industry, Firestik is one of few CB/HAM radio antennas and antenna mount kits that operate with a no ground plane. Shop in several lengths, colors and series Wire Antennas for the Beginner QST June 1983, pp. 33-38 Every ham knows how to make and install wire antennas. But if you've never done it, you probably have a few questions. Here are some answers. Ground-plane Antennas for 144, 222, 449 MHz ARRL Antenna Book, 18 th Edition, pp. 18-16 to 18.1 Learn antenna modeling on YouTube. Justin Johnson G0KSC inventor of the LFA (Loop Fed Array) Yagi and BOLPA (Band Optimised Log Periodic Array) Log Periodic antennas amongst others, has added a new YouTube channel to help Hams become proficient in antenna modeling. If you have any questions about the classes, or amateur radio in general. Amateur Radio YouTube Feeds. The Nashua Area Radio Society's YouTube feeds include videos about events and articles related to our activities and our members. We also feature other Amateur Radio YouTube content to provide educational material and information. Here's a quick access list of our Ham Radio YouTube feeds -

With the yagi antenna, the signal is strongest in the direction that the shortest element is facing. With a loop antenna, the signal can be coming from in front or behind you. Image the antenna in the picture above is attached to your handheld radio and you are holding your radio in front of your face so you can see the s-meter I love this antenna. My first true DX contact shortly after installing the Titan DX was FT5ZM, Amsterdam Island. A whopping 11422 miles from my QTH. This antenna just performs. I am trying to figure out how to get another one and get it portable for field day (I need to figure out the financial [ The SHOCK WAVE 5/8 CB/Ham base station antenna is easy-to-assemble, and all stainless steel screws are supplied. This antenna is second to none it blows away anything on the market in strength, power handling, performance and quality. No small coils here to cook or fiberglass to break

Jan 17, 2018 - HF Loop Antenna DIY - Simple & Easy to Build Advantages: Simple & Cost Effective, Suitable for Indoor Installations, Compact in Size, and High Directivit **NOTE** Using a dualband radio, and a separate 220MHz radio, into a single triband antenna We are frequently asked if we have a Duplexer or Triplexer that will allow a dualband radio (with a single connector), and a single band 220MHz radio, to be used with the Comet CX-333 triband base antenna and/or Comet SBB-224 triband mobile antenna

The $50 Ham: A Cheap Antenna For The HF Bands. So far in the $50 Ham series, I've concentrated mainly on the VHF and UHF bands. The reason for this has to do mainly with FCC rules, which largely. Saved from m.youtube.com. Ham Radio Basics--How I Tune A Linear Amplifier. W6LG demonstrates how he tunes up a triode ground grid amplifier. Tuning a Drake L-4B. Saved by mike powell. 9. Hf Radio Ham Radio Antenna Recording Equipment Circuit Design Hams Survival Gear Radios Project Ideas Geek Stuff. More information.. Quit watching the YouTube videos and get on the AIR. Make some QSOs. Real Ham radio.. HI 73 from, The K0UO Rhombic Antenna Farm 2 miles of wire in the Air & On the AIR dail

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Last week, an online amateur radio retailer contacted me about writing some blog posts for his website. One of the topics he suggested was Choosing an HF vertical. Here's what I wrote this morning: Choosing an HF vertical. For many amateur radio operators, a vertical antenna may be the only option they have to put up an HF antenna Over the years I have heard amateur radio folks, CBers and scanner fans bash the use of magnetic mount antennas. Concerns include flying off the vehicle and becoming a projectile during an auto accident. Other concerns relate to performance and stem primarily on how well the shield of the coax is electrically connected to the conductive body of. Welcome to the Amateur radio | Ham Radio Antenna Page. Here, You'll Find Links for High Gain Antennas Covering Hf-vhf-uhf. In Addition, Specific Models Mentioned in the Antennas Forum Like Diamond Antennas,comet, Yaesu, Icom, Watson Cushcraft, Mfj and More Are Here for Future Reference. Amateur Radio Antenna Sold Here,we Update Our Stocks to Keep in Touch With Modern Improvements in Antenna. HF Receive Antenna System Devices (3) HF Yagi, HEXX Beam and Rotatable Antennas (3) Home Station Transceiver Packages (3) Power Supplies (3) Antenna Analyzers (2) Bolts and Screws (2) Computer Radio Interface Cables (2) W4KYR said: ↑. Here are some of my favorite YT ham channels and why. DX Commander (UK ham who makes the DX Commander antenna) Thomas Witherspoon (Unedited CW POTA videos) Temporarily Offline (Steve has interesting ham radio guests and presentations. Either one on one interviews or Zoom style ham chats

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Visit Diamond Antenna on Facebook & Instagram! Office hours, Monday through Friday. 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. (770) 614-7443 Phone. (678) 731-7681 Fax. E-Mail. 312 Swanson Drive Suite B. Lawrenceville, GA 30043. Diamond® Antennas are sold through authorized dealers This is post 2434 in a continuing series of simple ham radio antennas. Callum McCormick's (M0MCX) DX Commander Expedition Portable Ham Radio Antenna is certainly a fascinating multiband vertical antenna. In this video, Mike (K8MRD) and a few friends show us another way of building this impressive antenna, from unboxing the package to final. Ham radio antenna, transceivers, coax cable & other amateur radio gear. DXE carries top ham radio brands including Yaesu, Kenwood, ICOM, MFJ, Butternut & more. 1-800-777-070 Oct 5, 2016 - This is my magnetic loop antenna for QRP operation (4 Watts or less) on the 27Mhz 11 metre CB band. I had been looking for a lightweight antenna to use with.

Mhz so it can generally covers the whole VHF amateur band. -Connect a SWR meter to the antenna and to the radio, making sure you attached it to the right connector posts. -Take a SWR reading, and if it is beyond 1.5, cut the 19.5 VHF element rod 1/8 at a time until the readings is in between 1-1.5. -. -Theoretically , a reading of 1 is the. Join me Saturday Sept 26, and Saturday Oct 5, as I livestream a Ham Radio General License Course Class, taught by the North Richland Hills Amateur Radio Club, for Ham Radio operators wishing to upgrade their license from Technician to General FM Dipole Antenna Indoor 75 Ohm + 300-ohm to 75-ohm Transformer (Push-On F Type Balun) Kit for Ham Radio Yamaha JVC Sony Bose Natural Sound Stereo Receiver. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 145. $9.19

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Super Antenna MP1DXMAX Low Profile Tripod 80m-10m HF +2m VHF Portable Antenna with Go Bags ham Radio Amateur. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 59. $499.99. $499. . 99. FREE Shipping by Amazon. In stock on April 15, 2021 Join our E-mail list to receive your FREE copy of our MFJ-3302, BOOK, 73 DIPOLE AND LONG-WIRE ANTENNAS. For Instructions on downloading your product manual, click HERE. Brand New Eton Radios are Instock and Ready to Ship, click HERE to go to Eton Product Listing. Hear the Latest Buzz At MFJ With Our Newsletters 7 product ratings - Hustler 4-BTV - 4 Band Trap Vertical HF Antenna 10 15 20 40 M for Ham Radio. $180.00. $33.76 shipping BaoFeng Radio UV-5R Ham Radio (6 Pack) + 1pcs TIDRADIO Driver Free Programming Cable + 6pcs TD-771 Antennas and Radio Mics + 12pcs 1800mAh Batteries BaoFeng Walkie Talkie 4.6 out of 5 stars 332 $199.99 $ 199 . 99 $209.99 $209.9 Available on youtube or google video. ARVN Amateur Radio Video News - Documentary and seminar videos for and about Amateur Radio, on DVD and online. Some make excellent club meeting programs. D-Star video demonstration - KE7FTE, N7QQU and W9ERT show us the drag and drop flexibility of the Icom D-STAR System. Dxpedition to Piel Island May 2008.

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Aug 24, 2018 - I was asked for a more detailed video from my homemade loop antenna, I hope this one answers the open questions?The basic idea for this antenna comes from a. Here are some of my favorite YT ham channels and why DX Commander (UK ham who makes the DX Commander antenna) Thomas Witherspoon (Unedited CW POTA videos) Temporarily Offline (Steve has interesting ham radio guests and presentations. Either one on one interviews or Zoom style ham chats) Astro Leah (One of the most enthusiastic ham channels out.

Choose from a wide range of antenna types, including single-band, dual-band, multi-band, vertical, trap vertical, wire, Yagi, VHF/UHF and HF/VHF mobile, and more. DX Engineering receive antenna systems feature the best designs available for HF DXing, as well as for AM DXing on the MW Broadcast Band and for the Short Wave Listening bands. Price: $59.95. Price updated at 07/07/2021 22:46. View on Amazon. Bingfu Dual Band VHF UHF 136-174MHz 400-470MHz Ham Radio Antenna Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie 2.5 inch Mini Soft Whip SMA Female Antenna 4-Pack for Kenwood Wouxun Baofeng BF-F8HP UV-5R UV-82 BF-888S. Price: $14.99 These make an excellent prop for installing a ham radio antenna because people are used to the idea of homes using satellite dishes so seeing one installed in the backyard is not unusual. To start the antenna installation, place a 10 foot steel pole in the ground with a satellite dish mounted on top at the furthest point of the property in the. A second outdoor antenna is normally required to receive the higher frequency bands:. Very high frequency band (VHF) 30 - 300 MHz; Ultra-high frequency band (UHF) 300 MHz -3 GHz (3000 MHz) It stands to reason that, because you need two different antennas for radio receivers that cover LF all the way up to UHF, the receiver will need two antenna input connectors Show details. Buy the selected items together. This item: Super Antenna MP1C All Band HF VHF Ham Radio Portable MP1 $250.01. In stock on June 12, 2021. Order it now. Sold by Super Antenna and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. FREE Shipping. Details. 50ft Rg8x Coax UHF (Pl259) Male/male 50 Ohm Antenna Cable $37.95

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The Hustler 4BTV trap vertical antenna is and has been a very popular multiband antenna with ham radio operators for years. It's performance, length, and diameter lends itself to being hidden within PVC tubing and disguised as a flag pole! Here, KX9DK shares his flag pole antenna with all to enjoy. Materials used. 1 I did actually calculate that*; on 2M the path loss of 2 antennas with 6dBi gain 20 Metres apart is 9.7dB. That means if you TX 50 Watts, the other radio will receive 5 Watts of power. I don't design RF front ends for a living, but S9 VHF is defined as 5 uV (0.000005 Volts). 5 Watts @ 50 Ohms = 15.8 Volts (P=V^2/R)!! Hidden, Stealth, and Secret Antennas from AC6TS Stealth Amateur Radio - Book From The ARRL-- (ISBN: -87259-757-1) #7571 Stealth Antenna Experiences - From Clif's ham radio connection. SGC Smartuners for Stealth Antennas-- Free - Click on Download your copy today! 10M Bent Attic Antenna - A Yagi No Les Here's a nice antenna project for those radio amateurs living in deed restricted properties (HOAs/CC&Rs). Woody (N4MQ) takes us step-by-step through the design, construction, adjustment, and use of this magnetic loop antenna that covers all amateur/ham radio bands from 160 meters to 40 meters The 40 Meter Isotron Antenna. Amatuer Ham Radio Antennas . Also Great For Limited Spaces. The Isotron Antenna. Solve Virtually Any Restricted Space Problem - 40 Meter Isotron only 22 inches x 16 inches x 15 inches!; Easy, Quick, and Simple Installatio

Midland C144440C. Dual Band Ham Antenna. Specifically picked by Midland Radio for the DBR2500 dual band radio. Complete the antenna installation with one of the bracket cable assemblies below. High quality Laird® brand antenna. Dual Band: 144-148 MHz ( VHF BAND ), 440-450 MHz ( UHF BAND ) 2dB gain on VHF, 5dB gain on UHF. 35 inches in length Ham Radio Antenna Design. So what's new in 2021, in Ham Radio Antenna Designs? In the past several years, especially in the VHF/ UHF community, a new somewhat confusing method of rating antennas has appeared on amateur radio websites. This is the newest way the cutting edge designers are looking at Ham Radio Antenna Design I don't watch ham radio videos on youtube at all for two reasons: 1) I already know what I want to know; 2) These clowns all have a look on their faces like they either a) just watched their cat get run over or b) they've just got hit with that low rumble that tells them they have less than 10 seconds to get to the toilet The Joplin Amateur Radio Club Antenna Launcher which is fantastic for erecting my longwire antennas near the top of the 65' trees that fill the woods behind my home. The RigExpert AA-230 Zoom which is a great antenna analyzer

Here is a step by step approach for an amateur radio vertical antenna mount using only a hole, gravel and a piece of plumbing pipe. Included is a story about know-it-all relatives. Here is a step by step approach for an amateur radio vertical antenna mount using only a hole, gravel and a piece of plumbing pipe.. This item LJJDSLYU 1-30Mhz HAM HF Radio Antenna Equipment Shortwave Radio Balun Kit NXO-100 Magnetic Balance Amateur Radio Antennas DIY Balun One Nine v1 - Tiny Low-Cost 1:9 HF Antenna Balun and Unun with Antenna Input Protection for Ham It Up, RTL-SDR, HackRF and Other HF-Capable Radios HR2.0 - Ham Radio Antennas | Base Station Antennas - What Do The YouTubers Use? YTB #19. Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KC5HWB, Sep 4, 2020 Two shortwave antennas that are cut to vibrate at the same frequency will behave like the two tuning forks in my example. For example, the Radio Marti shortwave broadcasting station's antenna will vibrate at a frequency of 11.930 MHz (11,930,000 times per second). That radio station broadcasts in Spanish from Miami, Florida

Arrow Antennas Portable Satellite Yagi Jpole 2m 6m. We are open for business as usual with only small delays. Everyone stay safe. Arrow Antenna is now offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100 and $5 Flat Rate Shipping for orders up to $100 to the lower 48, Flat Rate Shipping of $15 for all orders to Alaska and Hawaii and $30 for US. Ham Radio Events (25) Ham Radio News (1) Ham Radio Software (23) HamRadio (85) Ham Radio 2.0 (16) How to (3) Radio Scanning (6) Homebrew (109) HF Antennas (64) Raspberry Pi (1) UHF Antenna (10) VHF Antennas (27) Photos (4) Short News (4) Video (4) Comments. Simone on 5 Element full size Yagi for 20 meters; Simone on 160 meters antennas problems. 42'' ABBREE Tri-Band Tactical Antenna for Baofeng UV-5R III BF-R-3 Two Way Radio. $13.99. Free shipping. Only 3 left. Comet SBB-224NMO Tri-Band 146/220/446 MHz Mobile Antenna. Free Shipping. $78.00

The AirSpy Mini is a Software Defined Radio that is capable of receiving signals from 25 MHz to 1700 MHz, almost any radio frequency with voice or two way radio signals. Today I give a brief overview and demo of the AirSpy Mini being used with the SDR# software. Buy the AirSpy Mini from Connect VK MFJ-1918 Description Hide. This portable antenna stand will hold up to 75 pounds. The base covers an area of 500 square inches. It will extend to six feet tall and easily collapses -- the legs fold in and make it easy to slide in small diameter places. It's great for camping trips, dxpeditions, hiking, etc

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Welcome to the Magnetic Loop Antennas page. Here, you'll find links for high gain loop antennas covering hf. In addition, specific models mentioned in the magnetic loop Antennas forum Like MFJ and more are here for future reference. Amateur radio Antenna sold here,we update our stocks to keep in touch with modern improvements in magnetic loop antenna design.Magnetic loop Ideal for restricted. A slight off-center hole will be more obvious with a long vertical antenna at the top. (At this point it is assumed that a copper antenna like the J Pole has been constructed per any of the online guides, or my video of a simple J-pole build. See below for more of my video projects including the J Pole.) 6 AMATEUR-RADIO - Dc POWER INJECTORS. Send up to 1 Amp DC and up to 50 Volts DC down a coax cable to power equipment (automatic antenna tuner, relay box, etc.) without running a separate power cable. Requires one MFJ-4116 on each end of coax cable to inject DC power and to retrieve DC power. 1-60 MHz. SO-239 connectors Start with a simple kit, like an accessory for your ham radio station. Then, if you like the experience, don't be afraid to graduate to more complex projects.. Why not plunge into the wonderful world of Software Defined Radio (SDR)?. Look into the Softrock Lite II Project and the latest info on the Softrock RXTX V6.3 Software Defined Radio transceiver.You will find it more than interesting

Best Mobile HAM Radio Antenna Mounts. Here are our mobile HAM radio antenna mount reviews. 1. HYS TC-MB90. This is a super strong NMO magnetic mount that works great for mobile HAM radio antennas. It comes with a high-quality coaxial cable as well which is also pretty thick. The diameter of the base measures 3.54 with the height being 1.18 A 6 meter ham radio antenna is easy to build and it is small enough to fit almost on any property. 2. It's a relatively difficult band to work because of propagation. There is a challenge worthy of my attention up there! :-) 3. It is far from overcrowded, a welcome feature when compared with lower HF bands! 4. Even if the band is technically. To build the largest and most complete Amateur Radio community site on the Internet - a portal that hams think of as the first place to go for information, to exchange ideas, and be part of what's happening with ham radio on the Internet. eHam.net provides recognition and enjoyment to the people who use, contribute, and build the site