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  1. Verify that Voicemail is set up on your iPhone. Try calling Voicemail directly. Force close and reopen the Phone app. Toggle Cellular Service on and off. Switch on and switch off Airplane Mode. Check for and install Carrier Settings Update. Disable Wi-Fi on your iPhone
  2. Open the phone app and click on voicemail. If you're setting up voicemail for the first time, click set up now. Enter a voicemail password, then select whether you would like to use the default voicemail recording or record a custom one
  3. Go to the Phone app at the bottom of your iPhone home screen and select it. At the bottom of the phone window, you will see the Voicemail icon in the right corner. Select it to open up your..
  4. From a Home screen, navigate: Phone app > Voicemail (lower-right). If switching to an iPhone, you could be directed to the automated Voicemail system. If so, follow the voice prompts. If unsuccessful, you can dial *86 to manually set up
  5. Setting up your voicemail. 1. Press and hold 1. 2. Enter your password if prompted. If you are asked for a password the first time you access your voicemail, just enter the last four digits of your phone number. 3. Follow the directions to set up your password. 4
  6. Make sure to set up your voicemail within 60 days of activation or it'll be automatically removed from your account. From your wireless phone, press and hold 1 or the Voicemail key. Select your language preference. Create a 7 to 15-digit password

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Unless there's a good reason why you want callers to receive a bland, generic voice mail greeting that provides little more than your phone number and a tone, set up a personalized voice mail message on your iPhone. Apple's iOS 8 operating system makes it easy to record and modify a voice mail greeting Here's how to set up your voicemail with a password and greeting on an iPhone. 1. Tap the Phone app on the bottom of your home screen. 2. Tap the Voicemail tab to open the Visual Voicemail screen. 3. You will see a button labeled Set Up Now at the center of the screen. Tap that button to continue. 4. When prompted, create a new passcode for your voicemail

How to Use Visual Voicemail on Your iPhone. Open the Phone app. Tap Voicemail at the bottom of the screen. Tap the voicemail you want to read. You'll see a paragraph of text above the voicemail play button. That's the voicemail transcription. To listen to the voicemail after reading the transcription, tap the Play button

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