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Cleaning your old cardboard boxes is the first step in storing or reusing them. After all, no one wants to use dirty and smelly boxes. The good news is that cleaning cardboard boxes is simple - and you don't need expensive products to do it properly either Use clear athletic tape to patch small splits in corners or flaps. It goes on nearly invisible with a flat finish that will blend into the cardboard. Apply the tape to the inside of the corner or flap to make it less noticeable. Glue severely split corners using school glue or book binder's glue

Vintage cardboard toy box in a completely wrecked condition, getting a thorough repair and restoration.Do you find this episode helpful? Be a supporter and. Only glossy boxes will I bother cleaning. The best way to remove a sticker with goo gone is dependent on the sticker: if sticker has layers at all peel off the top layer FIRST! Then apply goo gone over the entire sticker and let soak a little then peel back. If no layer just soak sticker w/out peeling I have a dozen cardboard posters that were found in the family garage. They're at least 50 years old and in excellent condition, minus some dirt, dust and age on the edges. I'm looking for the best way to clean these so they can eventually be framed and matted You are correct that wood would be damaging, as would standard Styrofoam—both of which would off-gas harmful materials that would deteriorate the boxes and wrapping paper over time. To help hold the share of the boxes, you could use a foam material called Ethafoam which is chemically stable and would not off-gas

5. Wait until the box is totally dry before moving it. Wait at least a week, but it's probably better to wait two. 6. Once the box is dry, it should look a lot flatter and less ragged. If the cardboard sticks together a lot, it's not totally dry inside and should go back under the weights for a few days. 7 To use rubbing alcohol, simply go get a bottle of rubbing alcohol.³ To use chlorine bleach, fill a bucket with water, then add 1/4 cup of bleach per quart of water.³ To use tea tree oil, mix 1 teaspoon of the oil in 1 cup of water.⁴ Soak a cloth with the cleaning solution and wipe the surface of the cardboard Cleaning vintage linens poses a problem. You want to keep them as white as possible, but using harsh bleach and soap can damage the fibers. For a gentle yet effective cleaning, soak your tablecloths, napkins and runners in warm water for 15 minutes. Next, add some mild, phosphate-free soap to your water and swish your linens around Rub it gently in a circular motion, trying to stay only on the stained area. Wipe clean with a soft cloth. Windex and Turtle Wax can be applied using the same methods. Always use caution and watch the designs and coloring on the box carefully to ensure that it is not removed with the stain

The antique store clerk said the buttons were taken in on consignment from a customer who purchased them at an estate sale. At the bottom of the box was a gold necklace and some loose change. My best guess was that these old buttons had been stashed in this cardboard box for a long time I have a Nikon D800 camera box that was once new and shiny. I noticed there are several hand/finger prints all over the covering of the box. I tired hot water/elbow grease and then some rubbing alcohol. Nothing. The box has a high grade coating suitable for printing the lable on it. Almost.. How to clean Cardboard Game boxes? [Question] Close. Vote. Posted by 5 minutes ago. How to clean Cardboard Game boxes? [Question] I have a copy of Tetris on NES and I got the box with it but it has what looks to be roach poop stains on it and I'm wondering if there is a way to clean it with out damaging the box? 0 comments. share. save After doing the inside of the joints, place some more glue on the outside of the joint without moving the rubber band. Put the box aside and allow it to dry for about two hours. Then carefully remove the rubber band without rolling it against the paper and re-do the outside of the joint as needed where the rubber band was placed

*Pewter: It has a low melting point and tarnishes easily in a dishwasher -clean it by hand. Use silver or brass polish, or a 2 T's ammonia in soapy water, or mild scouring powder in olive oil. *Rubber and silver don't mix. Rubber makes silver tarnish faster Dry it completely before putting it away in your closet. If you're facing actual chunks of mildew, first brush off the items somewhere outdoors, where the spores won't scatter through the house. Then sponge it lightly with a mild soap and water solution Taking a Mr. Clean pad lightly over the whole box is usually the best way to clean them. Anything stronger might fade the ink or breakdown the cardboard. Then there's the issue of unwanted smells. Cigarette, moth balls and musty basement\attic smells are the most common odors. This applies to almost everything. Boxes, manuals, and cover art

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  1. cleaning old fabric sewing box question I have an old fabric covered card board sewing box with drawers. Its pretty stained and I would like to clean it up a bit before selling it
  2. Surface cleaning (or soot) sponges: These vulcanized rubber sponges were originally developed for soot removal following a fire and have been found to be very effective tools for surface cleaning paper. These sponges are for surface use only and are not the same as those sold as chemical sponges. Vinyl erasers: Grated vinyl eraser crumbs, such as from the non-colored Staedtler Mars.
  3. Whip up a set of these delightful napkin rings with a cardboard tube from a roll of plastic wrap or foil. About one-quarter yard of your favorite fabric will be more than enough for eight rings;..
  4. This is a very popular degreasing solution sold both online and in popular retailers like Walmart and Target. Specifically, we are using the Goo Gone Original 8oz Spray On. Information on how to purchase can be found near the end of this article about removing stickers from cardboard boxes. Cleaning Rag / Old T-Shirt / or Cotton Balls
  5. Bruce Whitehall, at www.thebiggamehunter.com, suggests lightly wetting the entire inside of the box with a wet sponge or a mister, or even pouring a little water into the box and move it around to cover the entire surface. Pour out any excess water, place the cover on a flat surface, line it with wax paper, and place inside the cover any flat.
  6. Vintage wooden rolling pin: How to clean? I recently inherited my grandmother's solid wood rolling pin, well loved and well worn. Unfortunately, she stopped baking years ago and the rolling pin was stored in a dirty cardboard box amongst a collection of grimy banished kitchen tools. I've read not to wash wooden rolling pins--to treat them like.

Remove packaging tape from cardboard boxes when you want to recycle them or reuse them. Although you could just tear the tape off, this may also take some of the box with it and render the box unfit for use. It is better to use a method which allows the box to remain intact Mix 1 cup of chlorine laundry bleach with 4 cups of water in a bucket. Wet a sponge in this mixture and wring it out until you can get no more water out of the sponge. Step 4 Wipe the damp sponge over the mildewed cardboard Sources for repairing old cardboard boxes. Posted by Northwoods Flyer on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 12:10 PM. As a collector I am able to find my prewar items and post war S gauge items in their original boxes on occasion. I know that there is a whole sub category of collecting that addresses the condition of boxes and the effect on the value of. Vintage cigar boxes are much more than the common, simple cardboard boxes repurposed to store crayons or random junk-drawer materials -- they may be made of wood, metal or even glass, and they are. To clean up the boxes, you need white vinegar, bleach, alcohol, water, and a cloth. Start by taking the boxes outside. Brush the mould off using a broom. Do it slowly as you might spread the mould to other places. You can use white vinegar to remove the spores and alcohol to finally clean them off

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I've boxed up old parts in the original rather questionable (way beyond musty, bordering on mouse infested and covered with mold) packaging with fabric softener sheets before. When I took the parts out a year or so later to actually go through it Seemed to help as long as you pick a smell of fabric softener sheet you like This is an age-old recommendation that 'break-out' of boxes should be done prior to entering the clean storage area particularly for surgical suites. The reference agencies are AORN and AAMI (probably a different standard number now[?ST79] rather than the older version cited below) Cleaning Vintage Crewel Work Embroidery. Last week, I was delighted to hear from a reader & fellow stitcher I hadn't heard from for a while! She wrote and sent a picture about a clean up job that she recently undertook on some embroidery. There are two reasons I'm sharing her story and photo with you: 1. There's some good information here. How To's & Quick Tips; 17 Creative Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes While technology is constantly giving us new ways of doing things, there are some things that stubbornly stay the same

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The recycled pulp is then mixed with fresh pulp made from wood chips. This helps the old fibers to strengthen and solidify again. Filter and De-Ink-The pulp is then put through a series of filters to remove any foreign materials like glue or tape. Once the pulp is clean, chemicals strip the inks and dyes from the old cardboard pulp Use cardboard from a clean box to create a shadow box and add mementos or little gifts for someone you love. For more handmade gift ideas, check out this collection of 14 gifts you can make in a day. 9 / 12. Dispenser Box. Here's a way to use a cardboard box to organize all of those plastic bags from the grocery store. Straighten them out and.

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  1. Or wrap in unbleached muslin. You can create a sling of muslin if you want to keep an old piece of material in a cardboard box or wooden drawer. Do not allow antique textiles to come into contact with wood. If storing vintage fabrics in a cedar chest, or press closet, line shelves with paper or wrap fabric in acid-free tissue paper
  2. Cleaning will do wonders to restore the appearance of antique paper, but it requires a careful touch. Inquire at local museums, archives or libraries to get recommendations for a conservator. Warnings: Do not attempt any restoration project before seeking advice from a conservator
  3. imal amount of water/rubbing alcohol take your time and don't use very much, pencil erasers are great ways to clean carts and scuff marks, goo-gone works decent on sticker residue (but becareful applying it on certain surfaces, I wouldn't use it on cardboard/paper.
  4. Another staple found in messy garages is old cardboard. Maybe it's old boxes from Amazon orders or electronics purchases. Some people hold onto moving boxes for years. The photo above shows a box from a recent TV purchase that was being kept in a garage

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  1. gradyreese / Getty Images Craigslist is an excellent resource for finding free moving boxes. Use the Free section of Craigslist to see if anyone is giving away free moving boxes. You'll have better luck finding free moving boxes on Craigslist near the end of the weekend or the beginning of the week since that's when most people take the time to unpack or clean out old boxes
  2. , dirt with pathogenic organisms can be carried into.
  3. Avoid putting tablecloths and linens in plastic bags, in cardboard boxes, or in direct contact with cedar chests or wood drawers. Fumes from petroleum-based, polyurethane plastic boxes and wood acids can yellow or weaken the fabrics. Never cover hanging linens with a plastic bag
  4. 2. STORING VINTAGE IN A BOX. Archival cardboard box. Many of the archival cardboard boxes available online are NOT acid-free. If you have the option between choosing a buffered or an unbuffered box, always choose the latter. Otherwise, wrap your vintage garment in unbuffered acid-free tissue paper

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Use an old cardboard box to make signs for your upcoming sales ventures, whether it be a yard sale, a bake sale, or your kid's lemonade stand. 7. Pet Beds. You've probably seen a hundred videos of this phenomenon already , but in case you didn't already know - cats love sitting in cardboard boxes Storing Postcards in Boxes . As with storing old photographs, storage boxes are particularly handy when dealing with large quantities of cards. A plus to using boxes to store postcards is the ease this method offers in indexing and sorting the cards by subject matter or type DIY household storage. Using cardboard boxes for storage seems like an obvious choice, but you can make it fancy. Wrap your cardboard boxes in decorative papers, wrappings, or simple labels to create low-cost home storage decor that is functional as well as beautiful. Simply take your box, some adhesive, and enough paper, fabric, or other materials, and wrap your box in an entirely new look Before you place the boxes at the curb on recycling day or repurpose the cardboard to create something new, you'll want to remove the sticky labels with your identifying information 3. Wipe the wooden furniture clean with the soap and water. Dip a soft cloth in the solution and wring it out to remove excess water. Wipe down the entire piece of furniture, making sure you get into the nooks and crannies. Rub the cloth lightly over the surface of the wood in a circular motion

To clean Bakelite, start by using a dry cloth to remove any dirt or dust from the surface, and a dry toothbrush to reach small cracks and crevices. Then, put a small dollop of a specialized cleaning product, like Soft Scrub or Brasso, on a clean, soft cloth. Next, rub the cloth over the surface in circular motions So, there you have it, to protect and preserve your movie posters the shopping list is as follows: Nitrile gloves, or nitrile finger cots. Paper cleaning pads. Bookkeeper deacidification spray. Paper repair tape (archival quality) Polyester clear poster storage sleeves or pockets. Backing boards (if required) Archival poster storage box Space should be sufficient and not too much. The cardboard box must be comfortable for the dog to lie and feel cozy and comfortable. Make sure that the box should make your dam feel like home and peaceful. Step 2: Cut the Cardboard Box. With the help of a cutter, cut the cardboard box in a rectangular notch on one side

Occasionally newly delivered vintage compacts will have a little bit of condensation on the mirror. Wipe the mirror with a soft dry tissue. Leave the compact open to breath for 15 minutes on day one of receipt - only if it has condensation on the mirror. If your gift box has an acetate cover please discard this as it may cause condensation I have this collectible within a cardboard box that is aqua blue. I am not sure what it is, but I accidentally got a brownish stain/spot on one corner of the box. I think it could be a water spot or energy drink (that exploded and got onto the box. If I could describe it...it is is a small brown. Lay a sheet of clean cotton fabric over an ironing board. Place a sheet of blotting paper over the cotton and place the thick, wet paper face down on the blotting paper. Lay a second piece of blotting paper over the back of the print and the other sheet of cotton fabric on top. Heat a dry iron to medium-hot To prevent soaking up moisture and encouraging mold growth in the future, replace cardboard boxes with durable plastic containers. Label these carefully and stack them on shelves or overhead storage to free up space in your garage. Discard old products: Empty all shelves and garage cabinets of cans, containers, spray bottles and other items.

Also, these conditions will quickly break down the storage materials (such as flips, paper envelopes, cardboard holders, plastic containers, etc.) that hold your coins. To protect your coin collection, it is best to store it in a dark, dry, temperature-controlled environment such as a safe deposit box or specialized coin cabinet What is the best way to store, clean and care for wineglasses? —C., Irvine, Calif. Dear C., To start with, if you're storing your wineglasses in a cupboard, it's best to set the glasses upright. If you flip them upside down, you might run the risk of chipping them where they're most delicate, on the lip of the bowl Melissa Maker is an entrepreneur, cleaning expert, founder of Toronto's most popular boutique cleaning service, and star of the Clean My Space channel on YouTube (but she still hates to clean!). Every week, Melissa delivers new videos dishing expert advice on cleaning products, tools, DIY substitutes, and practical, timesaving solutions to.

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  1. Blot the box with silver paint. Let it dry between coats. Galvanized Metal Cardboard Box Desk Organizer Blot2. Blot the box with silver paint. Photo by: Andy Vinson of Loch & Key Productions. Andy Vinson of Loch & Key Productions. Brush the rest of the paint onto the corners and edges of the organizer
  2. Yes, most of the litter boxes that cat owners use are recyclable. If the litter boxes are made of cardboard, one can quickly go to the nearest recycle center and give the old cardboard litter box for recycling. However, if they are made of plastic, then they can be recycled or repurposed
  3. Shake these items out, and as you pack your electronics, place them individually in sealed plastic bags to prevent roaches from infesting your other belongings. Use the Right Packing Materials. Cockroaches are notorious for hiding in cardboard boxes. They can easily maneuver their bodies between the corrugation and crevices inside the cardboard
  4. DO: Pick a climate-controlled unit. Remember: 75 degrees or cooler and low humidity are the best conditions for photo storage. DON'T: Place old photos on the ground in a storage unit, even if they are packaged up in boxes or containers. Consider using a wire rack or pallet to keep boxes off the ground in case of flooding
  5. Cardboard boxes leave too many openings where spiders can easily slip inside and tuck themselves away. One way to avoid running into this problem is by using plastic bins with sealable tops. Not only will this keep your items clean and safe, but it also makes it much more difficult for spiders to get in through the tops
  6. May 24, 2021 - Explore Carla Holland's board Fabric covered boxes, followed by 1252 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about fabric covered boxes, covered boxes, fabric covered
  7. 4. To spot clean any problem areas, lie your vinyl record on a flat, clean, stable and non-abrasive surface. Take your microfibre towel and dab the solution onto the vinyl record. Clean with circular movements and be gentle, making sure not to touch the label in the middle of the record. 5

Step 1: The Construction. Photography by Dlinca/Getty Images. Lai found that sturdy corrugated wardrobe boxes worked best for creating the body of the rocket. The tall rectangular sides were positioned in an octagonal shape, held together by water-activated Kraft tape. That made it very seamless, she explains Boxing vintage shoes and boots after stuffing and wrapping them will help preserve fine leather, cork and other organic materials. Plastic boxes are another alternative, but be sure shoes are spotless and dry before storing to prevent mildew growth. Another option is to replace original shoeboxes with photograph storage boxes But, if you're afraid of sharp knives, the next best way to remove a label from a cardboard box is to use paint thinner (a non-flammable, unaggressive solvent). Use a brush to lightly cover the label, and the liquid will liquify the glue that holds the label to the box The grain of cardboard is just like the grain of wood. The side with the small holes is the end grain. Almost all boxes are built with the grain running vertical, and crossed grains on the top and bottom. Crossing the grains adds strength to the top and bottom of the box. This is the same way that plywood works 1940's-1950's Gage Hats Advertising Sign 5th Ave NY Rare Brand! $120.00. Was: $150.00. $10.00 shipping. VINTAGE THE BLUM STORE HAT BOX. PHILADELPHIA. $20.00

Additionally, large boxes stored too close to the furnace could obstruct airflow and filters. 6. Paper. Old newspapers and magazines, napkins, mail, books, and similar paper products are highly flammable, and a single spark could cause a disaster. Similar to cardboard products, you should always keep these items out of the furnace room A breathable archival box, instead of a plastic bin, could have prevented water from puddling, and keeping that box in the closet, where there are no exposed pipes and little humidity, could have. Break Down the Boxes. The first step in the cardboard recycling process is to break down the box. Use a box cutter, knife, scissors or house key to cut any tape holding the box together, allowing you to easily collapse it. Check to make sure there are no packaging materials, like plastic, left in the box Repairing Vintage Boxes Step 1 Look the box over carefully for any split corners, scuffs or peeling paper. If an undamaged package of the same type, or pictures of one, are available compare them to see what repairs need to be made to restore your box. Step 2 Repair any split corners or seams to make sure the box is sturdy

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Create a cat tent with an old shirt and an empty cardboard box. Pull an old t-shirt over a box so that the necklines up with the box's opening. Tuck the sleeves in against the box to make the sides look neater, then show your cat its new cozy cat cave It can still be recycled as long as it is dry and clean. Keep your boxes dry. Keep your boxes clean and free of food. Flatten your corrugated boxes before placing them in your recycling bin or cart. This will save space. Corrugated is primarily used to make packaging boxes, but can even be used to make furniture. ALL corrugated is recyclable.

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Bah - go ahead and wash it. Actually, if you're worried about it's cleanliness, scrub it with an SOS pad. Dry thoroughly and rub with a little veg oil or shortening. JUST a little. If it's an old, worn rolling pin the surface should already be quite smooth and it will pick up additional grease when you roll out pastry But if an empty cardboard container has taken up space for months—or even years—it's time to recycle that box or find an alternative use for it. Related: The 10 Biggest Myths About Recycling. Brush all of the cardboard (or plastic) cuttings away to keep your area clean. Pick the slide up by the edge with the holes, and use the loupe to examine the slide. Identify any particularly nasty areas which might need special attention. Once it is cleaned, place the slide on a new PEC pad Cardboard is a heavy-duty paper with many uses, including signs, boxes and art projects. Although it's a strong material, cardboard will soften and collapse if exposed to water. To protect the cardboard from damage, there are a few ways to make it more resistant to water Sure, there are Remington, Winchester, Colt and Smith & Wesson boxes of ammo that have a unique value because of name recognition. However, some boxes are worth a high dollar for other reasons. Here are 10 old boxes of collectible ammo we found through various online auctions. 10. Winchester 9mm Long Rimfire - $250

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If you read our 2012 piece about cleaning old books, then you already understand the struggle.If your books were old then, they're super old now. You need to know how to clean books more than ever. That's why it's time for us to take another look at antique book care and follow up with the hottest modern preservation tips Lay the cardboard down on top of the area and moisten well. Use those rocks or any other heavy items to hold the cardboard down to the ground. Keep the area moist. A good time to do this is in fall. By spring you will have killed the weeds and the grass, and the area will be ready to till More on cleaning vintage metal hardware after the jump . . . For a doorknob, the first thing you'll need to do is remove the knob. There should be a small screw at the base of the knob holding it to a central rod that runs through the mortise mechanism inside the door. After the screw is removed, it should be easy to slide off the knob Step 3: Cut along template lines. Place a sheet of plywood or scrap board inside the flattened box so you don't cut all the way through both sides of the box. Cut along the template lines with a box cutter. Flip the box over and trace/cut the template on the other side. Be sure to reverse the template on the other side Some people take a photo of their shoes and glue it to the outside of the box, others will replace the original cardboard shoe box with a clear plastic one to make it easy to see the contents inside

swiggle1. dot pattern2. The Proper Blog Source: The Proper Blog. 6. Lantern. Turning your old cardboard box into lanterns is probably one of the best way to transform trash into really creative home decor. The lanterns won't just make your home cozier, but you'll get to save money from them, too. swiggle1 Find an old cardboard box. It should be made of thin, solid cardboard. Cereal boxes and other boxes in which food are packaged are normally made from cardboard like this. The box must not be made of corrugated cardboard. Figure 10: Boxes for packing food are made of thin, solid cardboard. Cut the box and fold it flat

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Carefully put 1/4 cup oxygen bleach in a large pot filled with hot water. Then add your linens. Bring to a boil and turn off the burner. The secret to cleaning linens is hot water. Allow to soak (with occasional stirring) for as long as needed. It's not uncommon for it to take 2 to 3 days. Some people recommend changing out the water everyday. How to Upcycle Cardboard Into an Organizer Box. Begin by using a ruler to measure your box marking it halfway down the length. Then use a ruler to measure a V onto each side at that point. Use your craft knife to score and cut notches on both sides in a V shape with the point at the bottom. Trim the cardboard so that the box has a. The easiest remedy for this problem is to cut or tear out the soiled portions of your pizza boxes and trash them. For example, you can tear the top of the box off, recycle that and throw away the bottom part containing the grease. If the entire box is grease-free, the whole box can be recycled with a guilt-free conscience