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To reinstall WhatsApp: Touch and hold the WhatsApp icon on the Home Screen until the icons start to wiggle. Tap the x in the corner of the WhatsApp icon. Tap Delete to remove the application and all of its data WhatsApp has Today View widget support that shows recent chats and status. It lets you see WhatsApp contacts from the iPhone lock screen and provides faster access to them. After you add the widget, you can view it by swiping right of the Lock screen or Home screen (when the phone is unlocked). Let me show you how

The reason I want to be able to do this is because somehow or other I have deleted my WhatsApp icon from the iPhone, however, the App is still in the iPhone itself (I can access it via the search function) but I want it back on my screen. From all of my research the only way I can get all of my Apps back is by resetting the home screen layout Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app. Tap on the chat of the person you want to add a shortcut on your phone's home screen. Step 2: Now tap on the three-dotted icon, which can be seen on the top right. To restore WhatsApp backup on iPhone, Step 1 Go to Restore WhatsApp to Devices mode and choose a backup that contains the WhatsApp data you need. iTransor for WhatsApp supports to restore WhatsApp backup created only by this program. Click on Restore to Device. Step 2 You will be asked whether to preview the backup or not

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Long-press on the app's icon until a menu pops up. Tap the Add to Home Screen button from the context menu. The application will be moved and placed on your home screen automatically Tap the bar that says App Library with a magnifying glass. Type the name of the app. You should see the app icon appear in the results list. Press and hold the app icon until a menu appears Long-press on the message, then tap on the Star icon. A small star icon will be placed next to the message so you can easily identify it when scrolling through your conversation. You can also view.. To put safari back on the iPhone dock, press and hold the Safari app icon and continue holding it until you can add the app back to the home screen. Then drag and place the app in the dock. Alternatively, you can long-tap the Safari icon in App Libray and select Add to Home Screen

1. Tap and Hold the WhatsApp icon on the Home Screen of your iPhone, until the WhatsApp icon and all other icons start to Wiggle and an X mark comes up near the corner of the app icons. 2. Next, tap on the X icon near the corner of WhatsApp icon Go to the Spotlight (Search Bar) at the top and just enter the name of the app that you think is missing. If the app is already installed on your iPhone, then it will automatically appear here. You can tap on the app's icon to launch it or long-tap it to get the option for adding it on the home screen of your iPhone Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and locate apps, videos, or other large data hogs, and remove them from the iPhone. Make sure the iPhone has at least 1GB of storage space freely available. Then reboot the iPhone again by turning it off and back on (or hard reboot again). At this point the icons should be back on the screen as expected Step 3: When the backup is completed, you can click on the WhatsApp icon to view the details and export them to readable formats. Option 3: Backup WhatsApp data on iPhone with iTunes/Finder. The traditional way to back up your iPhone to a PC or Mac computer is using iTunes

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You'll be brought back to the Favorites screen where you'll now see the contact's name, followed by the phone receiver icon and the word WhatsApp beside it. When you tap this entry in your Favorites, your iPhone will use WhatsApp to call this contact. Advertisement. Community Q&A Search. Add New Question. Ask a Question How to get started with the WhatsApp Business ap This action will reset your home screen layout to factory defaults. Now go back to the Home screen of your iPhone and check the Camera app. Backup and Restore your iPhone. Camera app still missing? As a last resort, either you can backup and restore your iPhone, or take it to Apple center. Sometimes, hardware issues also play culprit in such cases Here's how it works to get deleted iPhone WhatsApp messages history: Step 1: Install the app on a PC or a Mac. Launch it and attach iPhone with computer. Step 2: Choose Recover from iOS Device mode on the window and click Start Scan button to search for the deleted WhatsApp messages. Step 3: On the resulting panel of the scan, click WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp Messenger on your device. The WhatsApp icon looks like a green speech balloon with a white telephone in it. If WhatsApp opens up to a conversation, tap the back button in the upper-left corner of your screen. It will take you back to your CHATS menu

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  1. Head over to Settings > Home Screen and tap App Library Only to do that. Whenever you want to unhide an app, head over to the App Library and long-press the app icon. Then, tap Add to Home screen.
  2. 1. Open WhatsApp on your Android device, then tap the three dots at the top-right of your screen. 2. Tap Settings and then tap Chats. 3. Tap Chat backup and then on the next screen tap the.
  3. To get the icon back showing on your screen is pretty simple, and it may not be gone, so much as moved. First, check that there are no folders (combined icons) on the screen. If there are any, then tap and enter them to see if the camera icon got moved into one of them. If it did, then you just need to tap and hold, then drag, the icon back to.
  4. Finding the More options icon. For most Android phones, the More options icon will be in the action bar: For some devices, the More options icon is a physical button on your phone and isn't part of the screen. The icon might vary on different phones. Here are a few examples of what the icon can look like
  5. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and wait for iTunes to launch automatically. Step 2. In iTunes, click the device icon and select the Summary option. Step 3. Click Back Up Now to start backing up your WhatsApp data and other files from your iPhone to computer. Method 3
  6. Tap and Hold the WhatsApp icon on the Home Screen of your iPhone, until the WhatsApp icon and all other icons start to Wiggle and an X mark comes up near the corner of the app icons. 2. Next, tap on the X icon near the corner of WhatsApp icon. 3. You will see a popup, tap on Delete to remove WhatsApp and all its data from your iPhone
  7. In this article, we are going to look at 2 different ways you can restore WhatsApp messages to iPhone and show you a much better way to get your messages back. Those ways work even you are using the latest iOS such as iOS 13.5 on your iPhone

An alternative method is to tap the Apps Icon. Please follow the steps below to add the Apps Icon onto your Home Screen: 1 Long press a blank space on your Home Screen to access the below screen. After this, tap 'Home screen settings'. 4 The apps icon will appear on your Home Screen. Tap this icon to view all your applications Learn how you can move or re-arrange home screen icons on the home screen of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: http://bit.ly/10Glst1LIKE US ON.

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Look for the app on other screens, swipe from screen to screen, look in folders. You can also reset the home screen layout and the icon will reappear - but the home screen will return to the way that it looked when you first activated your iPad. Settings>General>Reset>Reset Home Screen Layout. More Less Step 2: Click the Settings icon in the top-right corner, choose Settings option from the drop-down list. Step 3: Choose Managing Apps and go to the WhatsApp Messenger section. Click the Options tab of WhatsApp Messenger and you can view old WhatsApp backup 1. Locate the Compass app. 2. Tap and hold on the Compass app's icon until all of your icons begin to jiggle. 3. Drag the Compass app's icon to the desired home screen

When iOS 14 was released, the Favorites widget, which provided quick access to your most-used contacts, was nowhere to be seen. There's a workaround that brings it back via the Shortcuts app, but the original Favorites widget was better all around. For those of you looking for something better, try turning all your favorite and most-used contacts into apps on your home screen From the popup window, click the Gmail icon which leads to the compose screen. Method 2: Restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone with MobileTrans . Here you are going to make use of MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer to transfer the backup WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. This tool has amazing features in the phone to phone data transfer field If your App Store icon disappeared from your Home screen and you're wondering how to restore it, we've got great news for you: A missing App Store icon on the iPhone doesn't mean you deleted the app. While there are other native apps that you can delete, the App Store is not one of them. Our guide will show you several ways to find and bring back your missing App Store icon, so you can.

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  1. Place the icon in the desired location and, once in the correct spot, press the Home button on the iPhone. The small X next to the icons should now disappear and you can use them at your leisure.
  2. Best answer. approved by Jean-François Pillou on Dec 3, 2018. reggggina. Updated on Dec 1, 2018 at 10:56 AM. All you need to do is go to Settings on the iPhone : Go to General. Go to Reset. Then go to Reset Home Screen Layout and the app will reappear. The software is still in the phone just the icon was deleted
  3. On iPhones, the share sheet is a powerful yet largely underestimated tool. For the uninitiated, the share sheet is the menu that opens whenever you tap the share button (the box with the up-arrow). This menu features sharing options to first and third-party apps, as well as extra functions like saving, copying, duplicating, and more. Best of all? It's surprisingly customizable
  4. Launch WhatsApp from your Home screen. Tap on Settings. It's the gear icon in the bottom right corner. Tap the Chats button. Source: iMore. Tap on Chat backup. Tap Back Up Now to upload your chat data to your iCloud storage. If you'd prefer to set up iCloud to automatically store your chat data, you can do so on this screen
  5. Just get your hands on the software and follow the steps below. Step 1: Launch iTransor for WhatsApp and select the Back Up WhatsApp on Devices option from the home screen. Step 2: Connect the iPhone to the system and make sure that the device is listed as the source in the software. To provide access to the system, you'll have to click on.
  6. How To Restart WhatsApp Backup On Android. You can start the backup again if you want. For that, the steps are given below. Open WhatsApp and tap on the three dots icon at the top right of the screen.; Now tap on Settings.; After that, tap on Chats and then Chat backup.; Now if you try to back up your chats by selecting the Back Up option, a yellow window will appear and ask for permission

1. Launch the App Store from your iPhone's home screen. 2. At the bottom of the screen, tap Search. 3. Enter WhatsApp in the text box. 4. Tap the download icon to the right (If you've downloaded. Then Reset Home Screen Layout. The icon will be restored to its position. Keep in mind that if the iOS device was jailbroken, it is possible that the App Store was deleted. In that case, you will have to reverse the jailbreak and get the App Store back Steps to export the WhatsApp message manually. Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Tap Chats section, go to the very conversation you want to export. Step 2: Tap the three-dotted menu icon at the top-right corner of the chat window. Select More and tap Export chat

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Press menu icon and tap on WhatsApp Web (For iPhone users, go to Settings on the app for WhatsApp Web). Return to the video timeline and edit again to clip the next part. Launch WhatsApp from the Home screen. Then click the WhatsApp Sharing option (Arrow button) and select videos from your iPhone's album or camera roll. Tap. To search for a Giphy GIF to send, tap the Stickers icon to the right of the text entry field in your WhatsApp chat. At the bottom of the window, tap the GIF icon Tap the screen and in the top right corner you'll see the Add Participants icon appear (it looks like the silhouette of a head with a plus sign). Tap this and your WhatsApp contacts list will appear If you can't find the app using the iPhone Spotlight search tool, go to the Settings app to see if Restrictions are enabled.; Go to the Apple Store to reinstall iPhone apps that you've purchased or preloaded apps that you may have deleted.; If your phone is jailbroken, you might need to restore your iPhone to factory settings to get back your missing apps

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1. Tap and hold anywhere on the background of your Home screen. 2. Locate the icon you are wanting among the icons for apps shown. (you may have to scroll). 3. Tap and hold the icon you want, then drag it to the screen you want it on. (Usually shown above. WhatsApp a messaging app in addition to text and voice messages, also allows you to make audio and video calls with other WhatsApp users. This means you can now communicate with your clients and family via WhatsApp single application. This is the main reason while WhatsApp has the monopoly of being the most used application on both OS devices

To move WhatsApp to new iPhone: Step 1. Open WhatsApp on the old iPhone and go to Settings > Chat. Step 2. Click Chat Backup and tap Back Up Now to perform a manual backup. Step 3. When the backup completes, go to your new iPhone to install WhatsApp on the iOS device from the App Store. Step 4 Go to your iPhone Home screen and tap and hold to enter Jiggle mode. Tap the Add button to view your available widgets. Add the Shortcuts widget and choose a medium or large widget size, depending on whether you want to show four or eight favorite contacts. After adding the widget to your Home screen, tap and hold on it and choose to Edit Widget Open the Apps or Applications menu from your Settings menu. 2. Tap the app whose icon you would like to be able to see again. 3. If you see a button that says Enable/Start, this is likely to be the source of your problem. tap Enable/Start to get your icons back again. App Info Screen. 5 How to enable Dark Mode in Snapchat for iPhone. Snapchat has Dark Mode available for iPhone users. First, go into your profile - click the icon in the top-left. Next, choose Settings, which uses a small cogwheel as its icon. You'll then need to scroll right down to the bottom of the My Account section

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To get the details, open the Weather app on iPhone and go to the Temperature Map card. Tap the layers icon at the top right on your screen. Choose Precipitation from the menu. You can now explore and see the precipitation (rainfall or snowfall) rates around you. Here is what the color of the map means Step 3: Under the 'More Controls' section, search for 'Screen Recording' menu and tap on the (+) plus icon beside it. This will add the option in the 'Included Controls' section. Step 4: Head back to the home screen and scroll from the top right corner to see the Quick Controls. Step 5: Tap on the box that just has a dot inside a circle. . Tapping it will begin the screen recording. For iPhone tenR, is press and quickly release the volume up. Then press and quickly release the volume down. Then press and hold the side button till you see the connect to laptop icon. Now, fourK should match the latest iOS firmware for you. Click download to get it. Once finished, we can start removing. As you can see, it's pretty.

For iPhone six, press and hold both the home and the side buttons until you see the Apple logo. Take my iPhone seven for example, I need to hold volume down and side button the same time until the Apple logo appears. Yes, It is working well. However, there might be some occasions that it is still stuck on the loading screen and doesn't run For starters, the home screen on an iPhone is still a mess. Despite allowing users to hide icons, introducing a poor excuse for an app drawer, and adding widgets iOS still comes up short When you install WhatsApp in the new phone with the same number, you will get the chat history on your phone when this automatic backup is enabled on your device. A menu of various settings will appear on the screen of the phone. Launch WhatsApp: Do this by tapping over the WhatsApp icon in the menu App Store Icon Aesthetic Brown Calendar / 170 Awesome Aesthetic App Icons For Ios 14 / Get free aesthetic app icons icons in ios, material, windows and other design styles for web, mobile, and graphic design projects.. From the home screen, touch and hold a widget or an empty area until the apps jiggle Whatsapp voice calls a new feature called Joinable calls that the... Steps below to back it up: start Download start Download start Download Download. App across the globe iPhone or Windows phone will depend on the WhatsApp icon in upper... button, on Android will create a groupOpen WhatsApp > tap more options new

Tap Add to Home Screen. Optional: To use a custom photo for a Home Screen icon, tap the icon (in the Home Screen Name and Icon area), then choose one of the following: Take Photo: Use the camera to take a new photo. Choose Photo: Select an existing photo from your Photos library. Choose File: Select a photo from the Files app. Optional: To change the name that appears on the Home Screen, tap. Launch WhatsApp and tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner on the screen. Hit Settings. Next, tap Chats. Click on Chat backup. You'll see Back up to Google Drive. Here you can choose the frequency of your backups. Make sure the Google Account below it is the one you want to use for backup There are three steps to this. First, silence that WhatsApp tone without putting your phone on silent. Second, get rid of the WhatsApp icon or dot notifications (for new messages) on the notification bar. Third, disable notification light for WhatsApp. Lastly, remove WhatsApp shortcut on the home screen

Restoring the iOS Settings Icon. Open Spotlight Search, and type Settings. Tap Settings. Go to the Reset section > Reset Home Screen layout. Your Settings icon should be restored, along with all of the app icons that were present on your home screen when you first purchased your device. This document, titled « How to Restore The Settings Icon. Here we get to the meat of the tip: the mini Edit Icon menu lets you choose a file, a photo from your camera roll, or snap a picture with the iPhone's camera to replace the icon. Tap Add to Home. Change WhatsApp Background Color On iPhone. Open WhatsApp and Go to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Wallpaper. (Tap on the Settings from the bottom right of the screen and tap on the chat settings. After that, tap on the Chat Wallpaper option.) When you tap on the Chat Wallpaper option, you will see three options. 1

How to Remove iPhone's Home Screen Pages. Follow these steps to remove pages from your home screen: Tap and hold on an empty area on any page of your home screen. Wait for the apps to jiggle. Tap the dot icons at the bottom of the screen. These dots represent the pages on your home screen. In the page preview, tap the circles to hide the pages See how you can enable Touch Screen Home Button (Assistive Touch) on the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus running iOS 13.iOS 13.FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: http://bit.ly/10Glst1..

Run WhatsApp Pocket, and expand your iPhone icon on the left window, and click the WhatsApp Call tab, it will start to scan the WhatsApp data from the iPhone device directly. 3. After the scan is complete, WhatsApp Pocket will display all WhatsApp chat messages, contacts, call logs, media files 1 Select Apps screen grid. 2 Select your preferred Apps screen grid size, then tap on Apply to complete this action. Apps button. Click to Expand. Adds an Apps icon shortcut on the Home screen. 1 Toggle oon Apps button. 2 Tap on the Apps button on your home screen to easily access your apps tray. App icon badges Here, you can add a custom icon, as well as a name, which will help you identify the shortcut on your home screen. Then, tap Add to Home Screen and you'll have a shiny new icon waiting for. Here are the steps to use WhatsApp Pocket to backup WhatsApp data from an iPhone device. a). Download and install WhatsApp Pocket on your computer. b). Connect your iPhone with the computer by a USB cable. c). Run WhatApp Pocket and find your iPhone icon on the left window, click WhatsApp chat to scan. d) WhatsApp Messenger allows users to send messages, photos, videos and locations without any charge. Only Internet is needed during chat. Features: - No charges: All messeges, calls, and photos. etc. between you and your contacts within WhatsApp Messenger is free. - Group Chat: You can make a group chat with your families, friends and colleagues and communicate with each other easily within this.

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Method 1: From the Home Screen. The Home screen is probably the best (and quickest) place to start. If you've lost an app icon on your device; The easiest way to recover a lost app or widget is to touch and hold an empty space on your Home screen. This should cause a new menu to pop up with customizable options for your device Find an app you want to add to the home screen, then tap and hold your finger on it. I'll demonstrate by moving the Gallery app onto my own home screen. Once I tap and hold, the screen changes to show the home screen and you simply drag the app icon onto it: Notice that there's more than one home rectangle shown Step 1. On your iPhone or iPad home screen if you hold any icon for five seconds, then you will see the cross on your all app icons including WhatsApp. Step 2. You can press X to delete your WhatsApp or you can open iPhone Settings and from there delete the app. Both methods work fine

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How to view archived chats on WhatsApp on iPhone: Begin by tapping Chats - the speech bubble icon at the bottom of the screen. If WhatsApp opens to a conversation, first select the Back button in the screen's top-left corner. Next swipe down in the middle of the screen, which will open Archived Chats at the top of the screen WhatsApp will take its cue from iOS and switch to a dark background as soon as you turn on the mode. You can also access Dark Mode from Control Centre (its icon is the black/white circle) if you. In addition to an annoying flood of notifications that can overwhelm your device, sensitive messages can remain on your Lock Screen. This can take a hit on both your privacy and productivity. Let's look at how you can best control the flow of iPhone message notifications in popular apps like Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Messages Step 1 Put your iPhone into landscape mode to view the wide-screen movies or YouTube video. Step 2 Open the Control Center and tap the Lock icon to lock iPhone X or other models in landscape mode. Now, you can rotate your iPhone, but the screen keeps in landscape mode. Step 3 When you want to quit the landscape mode on iPhone 8/7 or earlier. Follow the steps below: Tap on the Home button twice. You will get a preview of the apps you have been using recently. Swipe left or right and find the app that is freezing or crashing. Swipe up to close it. Go back to the Home screen and launch the app again

So to get started, log into Facebook from the Chrome app. Once you are on the main page, press the three-dot menu button on the top-right, then select Add to Home screen. Here, you'll see a popup that lets you change what the new shortcut will be named. By default, it is set to Facebook, which you can change, but you cannot change the icon The rivalry between WhatsApp and Telegram is increasing by the day and it all spells good news for the users as they get more and more innovative features to play with as both these apps fight for supremacy. While WhatsApp has been steadily adding feature by feature, Telegram is not allowing matters to drift on its part For privacy, the user may want to hide a particular chat or conversation and not delete it. WhatsApp now has a setting that allows you to hide chat in WhatsApp. This post will share the steps to achieve that on Android, iPhone, and Windows. After the chat is hidden it is also possible to show back the hidden chats when desired Solution 3: Reset the home screen layout of iPhone/iPad. This issue is all about the missing of the Mail icon. So, it is a very simple concept that if we reset the home screen layout of the iPhone, then there are much higher chances that the Mail icon will appear again

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Step 3: WhatsApp Data Transfer from iPhone to Samsung. - Once connected, click on the Transfer icon to start the transfer. Next, you need to tap on Yes to make sure the operation for it will delete your existing WhatsApp history from the destination Samsung phone. - Wait for a while, you will get the WhatsApp messages on the Samsung phone Whether you're new to iPhone or have had one for a while and are looking for ways to more smoothly go back to previous screens and content, follow along for several ways to go back on iPhone Go back to your home screen and initiate uninstallation for 'Whatsapp'. You can do this from your settings or by tapping and holding onto the app icon. You will now get a confirmation screen. Uncheck the box for 'Keep Data' and tap on 'Ok'. Whatsapp should now be completely removed from your device. On iO

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Add Flashlight to Home Screen on iPhone. iOS has a built-in Flashlight app, however, this is no way to control the flashlight directly from the home screen. Thankfully, you can put the flashlight on your iPhone Home Screen using the Shortcuts app in iOS 14 and without using a third-party app Open Voice Memos from the Home screen. (Voice Memos will be located on the Utilities folder on your iPhone Apps Library). From the list of audio recordings shown on your screen, tap on the audio file you need to speed up. Here, you will see a three-line equalizer icon with small circles on the left. Tap on that

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Launch TurnLive and accept the terms and services, then tap the Live Photo icon (it looks like three concentric circles) at the bottom-middle of the screen. 3. On the page that opens, tap the. WhatsApp is attached to a phone number and two WhatsApp accounts can be used on a single Android smartphone. The instant messaging app is among the most popular apps in the world. It allows you to. Then you will get a download link, simply download and setup the app on the target phone. Step 2. Log in the app and set it up as directed by the setup wizard displayed on the app screen. Step 3. To check other's call history, go back to the official website and connect the device to enter KidsGuard Pro control panel

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