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www.TechTwoYou.comPlaystation software update 3.15 added the ability for the PS3 to transfer data from one to another. This video will show you how

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  1. 2 The PS3 system software has a built-in function that makes migration to another system easy and safe (no loss of save data or user data) It can be done using one of the following 2 ways available: the backup and restore utility uses an external USB drive that is formatted to FAT32 and creating backup data that is restored on the new system
  2. Just like the old system you will want to check for updates, disable media server connection, and disable internet connection on the new system and then start the data transfer utility. This time select the option to transfer data from the other PS3 system to this one
  3. Just create new user on your system, then ask your bf to input his PSN account data onto it and then you will be able to copy non-coyprotected gamesaves from one console to another. Then you may..
  4. Restored the backup from step 3 onto the old PlayStation 3. Once the restore was complete, initiated a transfer via the Data Transfer Utility The Data Transfer Utility worked as described; all my PSN games, themes and saves (protected and otherwise) made it across the Ethernet cable into the new PS3
  5. Solution1: transfer data from PS3 hard drive to new hard drive via Backup & Restore utility. You may complete this solution by means of an external hard drive. Theoretically, you back PS3 hard drive up to the external hard drive and later restore the backup image from the external drive. Connect the external hard drive to your PS3

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  1. Once it's fired up, just head to the Game column in the XMB menu interface and select Saved Data Utility (PS3). From there, just navigate to any game on the list, tap the triangle button, and..
  2. there is NO solution other than to get the console to work again. the drive is encrypted and will not work in any other console. if you want the data that badly you could do a reflow to get it..
  3. Step 1: Perform a web search for the term PS3 Game Save Downloads or something similar. Choose a website from among the results. Step 2: On the site you choose, search for the game you want to.

with the new updated available you can transfer all of your information from one PS3 to another PS3 by hooking them up with a Ethernet cable. this option is available under system settings. I think.. Two options, both require FAT32 formatted USB storage device:- Do a full backup of the PS3 system you've been using and then restore onto the new one. Or simply copy the Save files from your first..

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The Sony PS3 makes the transfer a painless process. Power on your PS3 system and one controller. Log into the account that has the game saves. Select Game from the home screen. Open Saved Data Utility.. Highlight a game save that you want to transfer and press the triangle button on your controller. Select Copy. Copying the saved data using a PS3™ system 1. Copy the saved data stored in the Memory Stick™ media on the PSP™ system to the PS3™ system. For details, see the user's guide for the PS3™ system. 2. Copy the saved data stored on the PS3™ system to your system. Use (Content Manager) on your syste The PS3 should list the game save data stored on its hard drive. Alternatively, you can open the Game Data Utility to view installed game data like downloaded add-ons. Highlight the game data you want to transfer, press the Triangle button and select Copy from the menu that comes up on the right side of the screen

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Like and subscribe!Want to transfer that game save to another PS3 so you don't have to restart the game all the way from the beginning? Here's how you do it. Google or Bing psnDataSwitcher. Once downloaded, drag the psnDataSwitcher folder onto the flash drive. Unplug it, and now your done with the computer. Next, sign into the account on the PS3 that has the saves on it Transfer data from this system to the other PS3™ system.]. If you did not complete the preparation steps described earlier, follow the on-screen instructions to complete these steps. When the PS3™ system is on standby to begin the data transfer, use the TV remote control to switch the video input to display the screen of the destination PS3. If you back up data on a PS3™ system and then transfer data to another PS3™ system using the data transfer utility, copy-prohibited saved data that is included in the backup data cannot be restored on either system. Some types of backed up data can be restored on another PS3™ system

You should put your iso games in a folder named PS3ISO (in caps letter) on the external hdd, plug it in the ps3 then launch your backup manager which will list all your games. From there you need to mount them, still from the backup manager which will exit & a new link for the game will appear on the XMB just as if you had inserted a disc. If. You can do this by just booting the game and it'll create one. go back to the XMB......Saved Data Utility (PS2)....then the game...put your USB in the ps3 and copy the save onto the USB by pressing triangle then copy then the USB and done. Which brings us to step STEP 13 Hello, After going in circles for few hours, reading posts and trying to find a similar case as mine, I've just assumed that I've got stuck. This thread matches my case. I want to transfer the MGS2 P

2. Download saved data from cloud storage. Once the PS Now save file is in cloud storage, download it from the cloud on another device to carry on playing: Streamed PS Now game. Start streaming the game > press the PS button > Application Saved Data Management. Select Saved Data in Online Storage > Copy to PS Now From Sony website -. Limitations of the data transfer utility. Some types of data cannot be transferred using the data transfer utility, and some types of data can be transferred but not played on the destination PS3™ system. For the latest information, visit the SIE Web site for your region. The following types of data are not transferrable Uploading PS3 version's save files to cloud storage 1) Open the PS3 version, log into PSN with your PSN ID. 2) Upon starting up Final Fantasy X HD or Final Fantasy X-2 HD, click on Data Transfer option. 3) From the Local Saves (your PS3) column, choose which files you would like to upload to Cloud Storage and click OK button Sony gave developers the ability to lock save files to PSN accounts. I know I had a similar problem when my PS3 died and my new PS3 wouldn't work with my Skate 3 save. If you have Playstation+ you can transfer save files from the file cloud, but I don't know if you can load up a Skyrim game on a different account since I only have it for PC For example, let's say there's a trophy for finishing Assassins Creed 2. If I transfer the save file to another PS3 and log in there, and finish the game, do I unlock the trophy? I mean it sounds like it should but I feel like it would be very easy to cheat trophies by just downloading completed saves online and using those

STEP 2: Download and configure Bruteforce Save Data Bruteforce Save Data is a powerful game save data swiss army knife for PS3. It allows one to decyrpt and encrypt game save files, add cheats, transfer region, transfer saves to another owner and more. Download Bruteforce Save Data here This backs up all the data on your PS3 with a few exceptions. It won't transfer any content protected by DRM, or PS1/PS2 games. Certain PS3 games also don't let you back up their saved data. Make sure your drive has enough space to back up everything before you start. While PS3 saves don't take up much space, games, movies, and music can take. Step 1: Downloading the Save Data From the Internet. from google search for the game that you want. ill use gta iv as an example. type in the search box: gta iv save data for ps3 download. and pick the option that you think is best. i usually use gamefaqs.com to download the save data. Ask Question Gender: Male. Location: Poland. Never heard of any PS3 Save Builder. Saves on PSV and PS4 are closed in encrypted container. So You need extract them from it to make them free from per user (NP Account ID), per console (IDPS) and even per title signing (game keystone). And for that reason, it was created Save Mounter (maybe because scene doesn. @myiagros Yep you are correct, I just transferred a copy protected Mass Effect 1 game save across to my new PS3 slim and it worked. Hooray! Just to confirm if anyone else suffers from similar issues - REMEMBER that you need to transfer copy protected game saves individually and NOT using the SELECT ALL function and obviously you need to be a PSN+ member as well to utilise cloud saves etc

The process for copying music and photo files is exactly the same. Copying Save Games to your PS3 via USB. The process for downloading a save game and then copying it onto your PS3 using a USB flash drive or external hard drive is slightly different. Here is a step by step guide for copying a save game to your PS3 STEP 3: Download and configure Bruteforce Save Data Bruteforce Save Data is a powerful game save data swiss army knife for PS3. It allows one to decyrpt and encrypt game save files, add cheats, transfer region, transfer saves to another owner and more. Download Bruteforce Save Data here I heard a rumor that you can't transfer your save files to new PS3. Can someone here verify this? It's just that my PS3 blu-ray laser is eather busted or so dirty that it won't read dvd's and blu-ray's anymore. And after spending 24 hours to my character on Dragon Age, even just thinking to start it all over again, makes me sick

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On the Cross Media Bar (XMB), move the selection to Game and then move down to Saved Data Utility (PS3). Select it, then move down to the game you want to backup the saves for. Press triangle on. I'd like to add that if you are trying to transfer an SMT nocturne save from pcsx2 to ps3, you have to replace both SCEVMC1 and SCEVMC0 on the usb with the .vme file from the output folder. Or else the game will just say that there is no save data I am providing the entire set of decrypted PS3 FateGame.sav files. Since I went through the trouble of actually converting the entire PS3 save set to X360 format, I am also providing the entire converted X360 save set with the decrypted PS3 FateGame.sav files as a bonus. You will need to resign this X360 save set for your own console, and. Image files copied to storage media are saved in the [PICTURE] folder. If there is no [PICTURE] folder on the media, it will be created automatically. Depending on the device in use, some copied files may not be viewable. An appropriate USB adaptor (not included) is required to use storage media with some models of the PS3™ system

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The purpose of this tutorial is to convert saves from a physical PS1 Memory Card to a virtual PS3 Internal Memory Card, using a Windows PC and a PS2 with FMCB, without a PS3 Memory Card Adapter or DexDrive. In order to complete this tutorial, a PS2 needs to run uLaunchELF to copy the save from the PS1 Memory Card A nifty guide to help owners of Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS3 and Xbox 360 transfer their GTA Online characters and progression to the new PS4 or Xbox One version of the game has just appeared.

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On the PlayStation 3, additional players will have access to any saves that any User on the system has; however, only the primary User can unlock trophies during single-system co-op. On the Xbox 360, if additional players logs in on other profiles, they are able to load their own heroes from their own save files Just create a psn account on your old ps3, play skyrim and save game. Log in on yours backawrds ps3 and copy the savegame. A simple search would have solved you the problem. 2. level 1. Machinencio. · 3y. You should transfer the contents from the old ps3 to the new, there is an option in the ps3 Darth Marsden. December 2013 edited December 2013. You can't transfer save files from a console to a PC (or vice-versa). If you want to use your old save files from the PS3 game, you'll need to get Season 2 on the PS3 as well. This discussion has been closed That is because you were signed into a different user. If you put your save data on the USB, then put it onto the other PS3, you just need to sign into your PSN account. I know this because I did the same thing for FNV, where it said, You cannot save

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To transfer files from your PS3 to PC, plug in a USB flash/thumb drive into any USB port on your PS3, navigate to the Save Data Utility then to the desired Borderlands Character Game Data icon, hit triangle, and 'copy' to USB drive. After copy has completed, unplug USB drive, take it to your PC, plug it in, navigate to Save Data file, copy to PC The Sony PlayStation 3 has the capability to show many types of computer files such as computers and music. If you do not have the space to connect a wire to transfer computer files from the PC to the PS3 then you can do it wirelessly over your wireless network and using Windows Media Player Hi, I was wondering if the save data of Final Fantasy 13 is protected. I will be using my friends Ps3 for the next couple months and don't want to have to completely restart when I get mine back The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Ultimate Evil Edition will have an Export Save option for players who wish to transfer their progress to PS4 or Xbox One at a later date. In order to use this option, though, you will need to first purchase Ultimate Evil Edition on the corresponding next-generation platform

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On your PS5, select the full data transfer on set-up or go to Settings > System > System Software > Data Transfer from the home menu. Make sure both consoles are on and are connected the the internet. You'll be prompted to press the power button on the PS4 for a second until you hear the beep. Do this to restart the PS4 and the data transfer. 3. i transferred said save files to my PC now i want to put these files on my ps3 so i can pick up where i left off and possibly transfer them to vita whenever sony updates the vita to support psone games. so i put the PSP save folder on a usb drive and plug it into the ps3. the memory card utility section of the ps3 does recognize the USB. Can I transfer my Terraria PS3 save to Steam? Two things: - The console version was developed by 505 games, and the PC version was developed by ReLogic You have two options: 1. Use the Data Transfer Utility: * Transfer the entire system to the second console; * Individual games can't be shifted; * It's all or nothing. 2. Create a New Account on the second console: * Sign up for PSN on the.

The data transfer utility, it pretty much makes an exact of copy of your old PS3 and puts it on your new. There is no need to worry about copied protected saves or the game data or any thing you have downloaded, it copies everything minus your PSN password if you have it saved I assume you have the Yellow Light of Death, are out of warranty, haven't backed up with PS+ and this is a disaster. The bad news is Playstation Saves are locked to your console. The good news is that your games can be redownloaded by a new consol.. We were hoping the recently announced PlayStation 3 Transfer Utility would allow protected game save data to be copied to other consoles, since the data is deleted from the source PlayStation after the transfer is complete. Despite Sony Europe's James Thorpe stating all PS3 save data except for game saves that are protected by the game publishers, we have word that the utility does.

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Most Helpful Answer. Upgrade to the newest firmware on both PS3s and there will be a new utility in the settings that will allow you to copy all of your files from one PS3 to the other using an ethernet cable (you can even transfer copy protected files and game saves that don't normally allow copying). You cannot just remove a hard drive from. Transferring Save from PS3 to RPCS3Started by munkeh. Every time I try to open my PS3 Persona 5 save, it crashes rpcs3. It shows up in the game, so at least i know its compatible and in the right place, but every time I try to load it, it crashes. I got a few comments on the discord server telling me to unencrypt the file and linking me back to. That's not really the point. The point is saving time by getting trophies that I have already done once on the PS3 version. With a few games you can cross-save and import, like GTAV... and Sound Shapes, etc. I liked Dead Island, but I'd much rather import all my cool weapons and stats into that new version. Save myself 100+ hours, seems smart Save your data using the PS3's backup utility. If your storage device isn't large enough to handle a full system backup, you can selectively copy data over through the various music, photo, and. OK so I have researched everywhere on the internet and by far I am almost 100% sure that I will not be able to transfer my trophy information from an old PSN account to a new PSN account. There is brief story about this and I would like you guys to know it. First of all I am from the Philippines and I got my PS3 about half a year ago

As it is possible to transfer regular save files using the Xbox 360's file management tools, the player may choose to transfer a save file right before the final battle and complete it again in order to transfer the completed game file. This will need to be repeated for every playthrough the player wishes to import Anyway, I tried to transfer the data from my old ps3 to my new ps3 and this is what happened: I turned both ps3's off and connected the two of them with the ethernet crossover cable then turned both of them on. I went on my old ps3 and went to system > data transfer utility > chose 'transfer data from this ps3 to other ps3'

This article applies to Minecraft for mobile devices, Windows 10, Switch, PlayStation™4, and Xbox consoles. If you need help with moving Minecraft: Java Edition, See Transferring Minecraft: Java Edition to Another Computer. It can be difficult to transfer game files from one device to another, however, there are two methods that can help you transfer your worlds This is how to migrate your story from one device to another, like moving from PS3 to PS4, or Xbox 360 to Xbox One. It works from any platform to any other platform, Telltale said on its blog Country: Depends on the method you use on the PS3. If you use the Mount iso method from Multiman, renaming the file to go from a .ps2 to a .VM2 extension should be enough, transfer it back to the PS2 with the other memory cards, reboot for the memcard to be reindexed and voila. If your save is in another format, you can always use MyMcPlus Launch Cold Steel II on the PS3/PS Vita. Load the save data you wish to transfer. Open the Camp Menu. Select Cross-Save. Upload the save data you wish to transfer. Launch Cold Steel II on the PS4. Select SYSTEM from the title screen. Select TRANSFER. When the game asks if you want to load the save data of the PS3 save data, select Yes.

(Note: Manually importing a save will overwrite any existing Ultimate Evil Edition save data currently on your system.) PS3 to Xbox One, Xbox 360 to PS4 follow the steps below to transfer your. Note, some game save files are copy protected (ie NDFS: Carbon); you can backup these a different (but LONGER!) way which will be briefly touched on. Even though the PS3 failure rates are very low vs the Xbox 360 (red ring of death), its never a bad idea to have a backup of your game save file to a memory stick If you have the game on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One you don't have to do anything. Your save data should be retained in the cloud. Instructions are posted below. For PS3 and Xbox Xbox 360 consoles, you will need to update Dragon Ball Xenoverse and use the new option that appears in the menu Ok, first I know I cant have trophies on one PSN Account to another. Im talking about an account on your PS3, not linked to any accounts. Now, I know you can simply log in to the PSN with the account you want and sync, then itll link to your PSN. The problem is I have my account already linked in.. To Transfer save files onto a PS4, simply go back to step 4 and select 'Saved Data on USB Storage Device.' From there, go to ' Copy to System Storage ' and select the game data you wish to.

How to Backup Your PS3 Hard Drive and Save Games - GamingCan you transfer Animal Crossing: New Horizons save toHow To Backup PS3 Copy Protected Game Saves - How To FixNintendo Switch System Update 8

I bought the game on the wrong PSN account, I have the premium version, is there a way to move all my data to another PSN account. These are all done on the PS4 by the way. Since I also can't seem to get my DLC skins on the new account, I personally don't mind as much the stats, but I can't get the skins for the guns Hopefully it can help you. While, there is still one important matter we should mention that the copied video files should be compatible with PS3 or the PS3 cannot read the video files at all. If you don't have a PS3 compatible-video file, you should convert the video files to PS3 playable format first with easy-to-use software When the game is installed in PS3 it contains a SAVEDATA folder stored with the rest of the game files, only used by the PS3 to generate Save Games in PSP format. Difference between SCEVMC0.VMP & SCEVMC1.VMP when copy to PSP: the slot 1 is for SCEVMC0, slot 2 is for SCEVMC1.VMP To transfer data during initial setup, follow the on-screen instructions when you get to the data transfer stage. To transfer data after initial setup: Turn on your PS4 and PS5 consoles and connect them to the same network using WiFi or LAN cables. On your PS5 console, go to Settings > System > System Software > Data Transfer > Continue

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