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  1. al rings involving illegal logging, human trafficking, illicit drugs, arms smuggling, and sea piracy have developed cross-border networks rooted in Indonesia's underground economy
  2. al offence. Possession and distribution of drugs are punishable up to the death penalty, and this goes for international tourists, as well. Don't forget to say thank yo
  3. Here are some things not to do if you ever find yourself traveling to Indonesia. 1. Don't Lose Your Cool, It's Rude. Raising your voice in public is considered offensive among the Indonesian people. Shouting or causing public outbursts is not only shameful for yourself, it's embarrassing for the people around you
  4. Home » Blog » Alert: Working In Indonesia While Only Holding An ITAS Is Illegal. Every year hundreds of thousands foreigners choose to live and work in Indonesia because of its fantastic employment opportunities and lifestyle. However, dozens of them get into troubles as a result of failing to obtain a proper visa
  5. Masturbation is illegal in a few places around the world and can lead to fines and jail time. In Indonesia, a quick Google search will lead you to believe the punishment for masturbation is..
  6. Pornography laws by region vary throughout the world. The production and distribution of pornographic films are both activities that are lawful in many, but by no means all, countries so long as the pornography features performers aged above a certain age, usually eighteen years.Further restrictions are often placed on such material. This page excludes child pornography

Here are some of those illegal things we're talking about. 1. In Delhi, it's illegal to not alert the authorities by beating the drum when locusts attack Within the past two weeks, both China and Russia have made VPNs illegal. This has made people worry that other countries might soon forbid them as well. In particular, we can wonder if Indonesia, where thousands of websites are blocked (because of porn, streaming, gambling, hate speech, terrorism, etc), will follow the lead This is a list of video games that have been censored or banned by governments of various states in the world. Governments that have banned video games have been criticized for a correlated increase in digital piracy, limiting business opportunities and violating rights

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  1. It is the only province in Indonesia to do so and applies to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Extra-marital sex, gambling, and the consumption, production and distribution of alcohol are all illegal.
  2. Although Indonesia, the world's largest archipelago, has been monitoring its waters, illegal fishing in its territory is still happening quite a lot. So far in 2012, Pontianak authorities have caught 12 fishing boats in illegal fishing. These are the vessels lined up on the PSDKP dock in Sungai Rengas
  3. 6. In Racine, it is illegal to shoot missiles at parade participants. Selena N.B.H./Flickr. This is a great example of it wouldn't be a law unless someone was a total moron. Thanks for a truly weird thing about Wisconsin. 7. In Wausau, you cannot throw snowballs. John Lodder/Flickr. Clearly, whoever wrote this law got humiliated in a snowball.
  4. Drugs are highly illegal in Indonesia. Punishments are severe and include the death penalty. The legal drinking age is 21. Gambling is illegal in Indonesia
  5. Dos and Don'ts in Bali, Indonesia. Mike Aquino is a travel writer covering Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. He lives in Manila full-time, but is perfectly at home in a Singapore hawker center. Tourists in Bali often call the island paradise, but let's face it: the Garden of Eden never had dangerous undercurrents, combative macaques, and.

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  1. The popular 1998 reformasi movement that brought down President Suharto's regime demanded an end to illegal practices by state officials, from human rights abuse to nepotistic investments. Yet today, such practices have proven more resistant to reform than people had hoped. Many have said corruption in Indonesia is entrenched
  2. Gambling is illegal in Indonesia. There's been cases where the cops, in highway checks, also check the driver's (and sometimes passengers) phones, in addition to narcotics, alcohol, weapons, and other illegal stuff. If they find any trace of online gambling there, that person is arrested. 3.4K view
  3. Indonesia has no law banning the display of Nazi insignia. As such, some Indonesians have no qualms with showing their fascination for Hitler's regime. Years before Setiawan's cosplay act became..
  4. The majority of Indonesia is safe for queer travelers to explore - as long as they are willing to be a discrete and a bit cautious. As mentioned above, sharia law governs the province Aceh and the city of Palembang in South Sumatra, where homosexuality has been made illegal. For practical and moral reasons, these would be good places to avoid
  5. The law also prohibits illegal access to other people's computers in any way whatsoever. These restrictions are also applicable to other people who commit such acts outside the territory of the Republic of Indonesia against electronic systems in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia
  6. This is the story of how Indonesia is losing its spots. In a recent paper published in Nature Conservation, researchers found that the archipelagic nation has a significant illegal trade in two regional leopard species: the Javan leopard (Panthera pardus melas) and the Sunda clouded leopard (Neofelis diardi).This trafficking could pose a serious threat to two species that are already facing.

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Drug law in Indonesia is strict, but also straightforward, and covers three categories. Class 1 - Drugs with No Therapeutic Value - In the eyes of Indonesia law, this includes opium, heroin, cocaine, MDMA, hashish, and marijuana, and these drugs are classified as one level, so the punishments are the same across the board PAKAN RABAA, Indonesia — This village in West Sumatra, a lush province of volcanoes and hilly rainforests, had a problem with illegal loggers. They were stealing valuable hardwood with impunity. At.. 11 totally illegal things you've probably done at least once. Newsflash: you're actually a gigantic criminal. By Eleanor Jones. Apr 28, 2015 Netflix. 1. Stealing sweets from the Pick 'n' Mix Army service is mandatory in Israel, so each and every 18-year-old, boy or girl, will be drafted into the Israeli Defence Forces. It may be shocking at first to see armed soldiers walking down the street holding hands, enjoying lunch at a restaurant, or even sitting at the beach, but bear in mind that this is completely normal in Israel and those weapons are only there for defensive purposes Aren't drugs extremely illegal in Indonesia? That's what it says in the Indonesia Lonely Planet book at least, and you've heard terrible things about that while reading about Bali & Lombok. The answer is yes, you really don't want to be messing around with any drugs during your visit to Indonesia! People are arrested all the time in.

ARTICLE: Indonesia, which has a long history as a major origin for migrant labor in the Asia-Pacific and beyond, more recently has reluctantly found itself a transit and destination country, including for asylum seekers. Still, policymakers remain focused on protection of its nationals abroad rather than on assuring the status of Chinese and other foreigners in the country Concerns regarding the illegal harvesting of ramin in Indonesia, with illegal trade between Indonesia and Malaysia, led to the CITES listing for Gonystylus spp. in Indonesia. It applies to all parts and derivatives of the tree, except seeds; seedling or tissue cultures obtained in vitro, in solid or liquid media, transported in sterile.

The State and Illegality in Indonesia. Book Description: The popular 1998 reformasi movement that brought down President Suharto's regime demanded an end to illegal practices by state officials, from human rights abuse to nepotistic investments. Yet today, such practices have proven more resistant to reform than people had hoped One of the most frustrating things in Indonesia is browsing the internet. So many websites are banned here. It makes me sad because the people of Indonesia are missing out on so many good things happening around the world, especially in the porn industry. Yes, porn sites are high scrutinized here and most of the sites are blocked by the government

No, it's not. Gambling is illegal in Indonesia. There's been cases where the cops, in highway checks, also check the driver's (and sometimes passengers) phones, in addition to narcotics, alcohol, weapons, and other illegal stuff. If they find any. A mixture of vodka and Extra Joss energy powder (illegal everywhere except Indonesia and the Philippines), the shot can be found at an Irish pub called Tir Na Nog or in the privacy of your own island accommodations. Empty the entire packet of Joss into your mouth, but don't swallow. Pour the vodka shot into your mouth with the powder

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The NGO estimates that 80% of the deforestation in Indonesia was illegal, with most of it cleared for palm oil and timber plantations. Similar patterns were seen in other parts of Latin America. Laws. Drugs are highly illegal in Indonesia. Punishments are severe and include the death penalty. The legal drinking age is 21. Gambling is illegal in Indonesia. By law, you must carry identification at all times. Indonesian law does not criminalise homosexuality, but it isn't widely accepted culturally Despite being illegal, clearing peat land by fire remains widespread in Indonesia, as it is the cheapest way to clear land for agriculture and industry. Peat is basically made up of decaying. Lobsters are among Indonesia's top fisheries commodities, but the illegal export of larvae cost the country 900 billion rupiah ($62 million) in lost revenue in 2019 alone, according to the PPATK. 1 INR = 195 IDR. 1 USD = 13,000 IDR. 1 EURO = 14,360 IDR. In Indonesia, the locals quote the price after omitting the last three digits, so if a shopkeeper is telling that something costs 30 IDR, it doesn't mean it costs 30 IDR, but 30,000 IDR. Be very careful and double-check before paying to avoid getting fooled

Indonesia consists of 1,300 ethnic groups with at least 95% native to the archipelago. Indonesia's motto Unity in Diversity' signifies the country's myriad of cultures and ethnicities with all its people living together largely in peace. There are many things I love about Indonesia. The beauty of the country is out of this world Text me! +1 310 349 3854OMG GUYS JAKARTA IS SO CHEAP! Have you ever been to Jakarta, Indonesia?I'm bringing back my $10 series for a 19th episode -- this ti..

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The illegal logging in Indonesia has global relevance but no simple solution. The scientific community, the conservation movement, industry, and the Indonesian and donor governments must move from apparent complacency to vigorous action at local levels. This is a time to unite to combat this unprecedented forest loss, with its predictably dire. 12. On the subject of slightly disgusting things you consume, the most expensive coffee is made from actual excrement. Kopi Luwak is a famous kind of coffee in Indonesia and other parts of Asia, but what you may not know is that the coffee beans are harvested from the excrement of the civet cat. The civet cat consumes coffee cherries and passes. Extreme Weather. High intensity of rainfall (generally more than 100 mm per day) for long stretches of time often contributes to flooding in Indonesia. Daily rainfalls of 248.5 mm, 110-197 mm and 182-289 mm were recorded in Jayapura Regency in Papua, South Sulawesi and Bengkulu, respectively, when floods and landslides hit those regions

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Bear-ly on the Radar: Indonesia's Illegal Trade in Sun Bears Could Worsen in the Pandemic. The world's smallest bears face oversized pressure from poaching, traditional medicine and the illegal pet trade. The COVID-19 pandemic could make things even worse. Voices. May 27, 2020 - by Lalita Gome 4. It is illegal to slurp your soup. Flickr/jeffreyw. Slurping may be considered rude in other places but in New Jersey it is illegal. 5. It is illegal to delay or detain a homing pigeon. Flickr/David Morgan. They are working; homing pigeons are no joke. Mess with one and you could end up in the slammer or at least be hit with a fine Illegal hunting; Illegal pet trade; In short, if things don't change soon, if the main threats to orangutans - palm oil, deforestation, poaching and hunting - are not addressed in a serious, urgent and sustained manner, wild orangutans will be gone from this earth. The population of Indonesia has grown from 10 million people at.

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Indonesian government regulations require that foreign workers to have a minimum of 5 years of specifically work experience. If offered a job in Indonesia, be sure the employer has provided a Work Permit & Work Visa, otherwise you would be working in an illegal situation with penalties of up to 5 years in jail and a fine of up to Rp 500 million P2P Lending in Indonesia — the early days. many companies who are considered illegal P2P Lending Fintechs because they do not have the registration or license from the regulator OJK. In conclusion, cannabis consumption, cultivation, sale and possession remain illegal and incredibly dangerous in Indonesia. Taking the risk is not worth it and could cost risk-takers their lives Singapore: Laws To Know Before You Go. Singapore is known for its impeccable cleanliness and low crime rate. The country has such a strong reputation for being safe that the authorities had to put out a warning stating that low crime does not mean no crime, reminding people to stay vigilant. But, as with most good things, the high regard.

Then there's the illegal market. A 2007 investigation found illegal logging in 37 of Indonesia's 41 national parks, a situation that experts feel has not improved. There are always actors in Indonesia who will go out with no authorization at all and do things like log high-value trees in national parks or in buffer zones, said Wadley PAKAN RABAA, Indonesia — This village in West Sumatra, a lush province of volcanoes and hilly rainforests, had a problem with illegal loggers. They were stealing valuable hardwood with impunity. ISLAM MASIVE SPREAD IN ANCIENT INDONESIA: SAVING THE LIFE OF NATIVE INDONESIA ETHNIC FROM EUROPEAN COLLONIALIZATION AND IMPERIALIZATION. I think you should Ask Mr. Salim A. Fillah from Jogjakarta. He has learnt the history from various books, and. BOLAANG MONGONDOW, Indonesia (AP) — A grueling search and rescue effort has saved 19 people from the debris of a collapsed illegal gold mine in Indonesia's North Sulawesi province but officials said Wednesday that several dozen remain trapped

Garuda Indonesia. In addition to the total time will also vary depending on how fast customs clearances, inspection among another process take. So depending on these, the duration it takes to receive your imports from China may vary. Averagely, however, shipping from China to Indonesia by air take 1-3 days At one extreme, Issa, who had been in Indonesia for two years, was confident that things would work themselves out. At the other, 30-year-old Mahmud and 22-year-old Munir, who had been in Indonesia for five and four years respectively, spoke of having lost their futures. Lamentably, their pessimism seems entirely justified Image Source. Looking for things to do in Denpasar-Kick start your sightseeing in Denpasar with a visit to Bajra Sandhi Monument. This historical monument is built in commemoration of the struggles faced by the Balinese. The monument was erected in the year 1987, this monument comprises of 33 dioramas that portray stories from the history and preserve the many cultural facets of Bali

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  1. Illegal deforestation and huge infrastructure projects, including roads and dams have also taken their toll on the once intact ecosystem. NGOs operating in Indonesia must always chart a course.
  2. 3. Driving. Only state officials are allowed to own a car. It is estimated that only one in every 100 people in North Korea own a car. 4. Playing music. No Taylor Swift for these guys, unless she.
  3. ation of the Worst Forms of Child Labor. Enacted: 2002. Source on file. U.S. Embassy- Jakarta. Reporting. February 12, 2016. Government of Indonesia. Roadmap Towards a Child Labour-Free Indonesia in 2022. 2014
  4. Shares in Bukalapak surged 25 per cent on the Indonesia Inventory Trade to worth the lossmaking group at $7.6bn, making it one of many 15 greatest corporations within the nation. The rise triggered a mechanism on the bourse that caps an organization's day by day inventory value achieve. That is nice for Indonesia's tech ecosystem.
  5. g involved with illegal drugs in Indonesia is crazy! There was a time when people who were arrested on drug charges were able to bribe their way out of jail, but a Presidential crackdown on police corruption and directives from Jakarta to the judiciary on sentencing mean those days are long gone

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Organized crime in Indonesia. Heaven help you if you feel the need to gamble or buy drugs over there. These industries are illegal throughout the country and are, by and large, run by organized crime syndicates whose sole economic purpose is to siphon money through extortion, bribery and any means possible from those who have it Although mercury use in small-scale gold mining in Indonesia is illegal, miners still use it to extract gold from the rock or soil. Fahrul isn't a miner, but he has a gold shop in Kereng Pangi. Every day miners bring him the fruits of their labour - usually a pea-sized piece of amalgam that is mercury mixed with gold Companies should be aware of a high-risk of corruption when dealing with Indonesia's public administration. Businesses report that bribes and irregular payments made to public officials are common (GCB 2015-2016), and one in five businesses report expecting to give gifts in order to 'get things done' (ES 2015) Aditya is taking a risk though and therefore doesn't want his full name revealed. Under majority Muslim Indonesia's anti-pornography laws, it is illegal to be naked in public. Yet he meets.

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  1. With the exception of Aceh, homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, but the country's low-profile LGBT community has been under siege in the past years. Comments ( 0 ) Share to Facebook Share.
  2. Many items can be sent through the mail. However, despite the wide range of items that are allowed to be legally shipped from point A to point B, there is a small list of items which are never allowed to be shipped through the mail regardless of the shipping method you choose.Here is a brief rundown of all of the different things which you are not allowed to send in the mail
  3. e in Indonesia collapses, killing 3 workers Survivors estimated about 23 people were trapped in the rubble when the

Illegal logging in Indonesia has destroyed forests and left endangered orangutans homeless. It has also led to violence against environmental activists. Faith Doherty of the Environmental Investigation Agency tells Living On Earth host Steve Curwood the story of what happened to her and her Indonesian colleague at the hands of timber company employees Ketapang. Many illegal loggers are now in the business of also harvesting swallows nests. By midday we start for Kendawangan, a port town that is a major transit area for illegal logs and wood and wild life going to the island of Java, until a couple of years ago. Now this port look nearly abandoned with a few large boats docke Expo shows illegal pet trade rampant in Indonesia In this Thursday, July 29, 2010 photo, visitors look at tortoise on display during an annual flora and fauna expo in Jakarta, Indonesia Using someone else's Wi-Fi; this is pretty common for non-guest users using Wi-Fi from he coffee shop next door. If you are not buying their coffee, you are probably violating the CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act). Fake name or other information..

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At the height of the illegal logging era in the 2000s, Indonesia lost 40 trillion rupiah (approximately $4.35 billion) annually, with an associated loss of forest area in the region of 2.8 million hectares per year and 80 per cent of the timber exported was estimated to be illegal. Since the introduction and enforcement of regulations. Logging, land-clearing and conversion activities are considered to be the greatest threats to the Heart of Borneo. Of particular concern is the conversion of natural forests to oil palm and timber plantations. The arrival of 2 alien intruders in the 1950s - the chainsaw and the caterpillar tractor - have perhaps made more impact than any. With a 40 guest capacity, Misool's beaches, neighboring islands, and the world's richest reefs are there to discover as if you're a castaway with no one else around, except, in this case. The tree has slow growth. and need more than 20 years growing before harvested. Illegal logging and deforestation in Indonesia causing the population decreasing become faster. Fruit plants 14. Saninten (Castanopsis argentea) Saninten fruit from Burangrang mountai

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Thanks to these tags, here are four things we've discovered so far. Wayag Lagoon is Southeast Asia's first documented manta ray nursery. In recent decades, mantas have been hunted in some regions of southern Indonesia to supply the now-illegal trade in manta gill rakers to traditional medicine markets in southern China 28 votes, 13 comments. 99.6k members in the indonesia community. Selamat datang di subreddit kami! Welcome to our subreddit! Please follow the rules Required Cookies & Technologies. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions Indonesia is known for its slash-and-burn activities to open up plantations, especially palm oil, which were blamed for the 2015 fires. This will also prevent the illegal development of oil. Illegal cosmetics dominated cases of regulation violations handled by Indonesia's food and drug supervisory agency last year as demand for beauty products skyrocketed in the country. Cases involving illegal cosmetics accounted for 144 out of the total 335 cases, or 43 percent of the food and drug regulation violations handled by the National.

A cockatoo that was successfully secured from illegal wildlife trading is seen inside an empty bottle in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia on May 04, 2015. At least 21 birds were rescued In Indonesia, arak is the local equivalent to moonshine — it can vary widely in strength and toxicity. Because production is illegal, the only way to test a new batch for safety is to drink it. Poor production techniques or deliberate spiking sometimes yield methanol in the finished product Indonesia is the latest government to propose a legal framework to coerce social media platforms, apps, and other online service providers to accept local jurisdiction over their content and users' data policies and practices. And in many ways, its proposal is the most invasive of human rights... Indonesia - Indonesia - Plant and animal life: Indonesia's vegetation is similar to that of the Philippines, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. There are some 40,000 species of flowering plants, including 5,000 species of orchids, as well as the monster flower (Rafflesia arnoldii [see Rafflesiaceae]), which is the world's largest flower. There are more than 3,000 tree species, including.

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Consensual same-sex acts, being LGBTQ, is still illegal in 70 countries around the world. In 12 of these countries, you can even be punished by death for consensual same-sex sexual acts between. Indonesian law forbids visitors from bringing weapons, illegal drugs or pornography into the country. Penalties can be severe and include death for weapons or drugs. Alcohol in excess of 1 litre per person 18 years or over is also forbidden to be imported. Electronic goods and photographic equipment must be declared to Customs upon entry and. Home » Travel Guides » Malaysia » 25 Best Things to Do in Malaysia 25 Best Things to Do in Malaysia Malaysia is located in the Malay Peninsula and stretches to parts of Borneo where it shares a border with neighboring Indonesia, and as such visitors should not be confused by the terms Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, which comprises. The Dutch King has apologised for violence committed by the Netherlands during Indonesia's independence struggle. The crocodile tears of the ruling class do not make up for 300 years of brutal subjugation. The only real justice and road forward can come from the expropriation of Dutch capital: common enemy of the Dutch and Indonesian workers

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Even though homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, except for in Aceh province, it is a taboo issue to discuss due to the not so tolerant of homosexuality culture of Indonesia.However, some gay rights organizations are making efforts campaigning against homophobia.A gay friendly attitude was developed in some regions over the course of the last years, however, the last months has been a. In Indonesia, it's illegal to kill orangutans -- punishable by up to five years in prison and a 100 million rupiah fine ($7,100). But Ramadhani says the penalties are too weak to act as a deterrent

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Indonesia is one of the best places to experience liveaboard diving. It is always better to dive under the guidance of PADI certified scuba diving service providers.So now when you know about all the best places to enjoy scuba diving in Indonesia while you're on a vacation in Indonesia and have a great time around the beach Indonesia's Mount Merapi erupts with bursts of lava, ash. YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia's most volatile volcano erupted Sunday on the densely populated island of Java, spewing smoke and ash high into the air and sending streams of lava and gasses down its slopes. No casualties were reported Discover Kumbe, Papua, Indonesia with the help of your friends. Search for restaurants, hotels, museums and more This huge gap is filled from illegal logging (Hale et al. 2015). From the practice, it is estimated that the losses suffered by Indonesia reach IDR. Rp. 30 trillion/year. This is what causes the income of the forestry sector is considered still small which ultimately affects the development of government programs for the people of Indonesia. Floo There are some items we cannot legally ship due to customs laws and delivery company or airline restrictions. Banned items can vary depending on which country you're shipping the items to ( see your country's banned item lists here ), but in general you cannot ship the following internationally from the USA: Prescription medications, including.

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Don't post content on YouTube if it fits any of the descriptions noted below. Extremely dangerous challenges: Challenges that pose an imminent risk of physical injury. Dangerous or threatening pranks: Pranks that lead victims to fear imminent serious physical danger, or that create serious emotional distress in minors Around 269 million people worldwide use drugs each year. Often forgotten in this story is a problem of basic biology. What goes in must come out. Sewers are inundated with drugs that are excreted.