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Hicks Yew (Taxus x media 'Hicksii') is a sturdy evergreen shrub which makes an excellent hedge or privacy screen. Yew hedges have always been popular but the Hicks Yew Shrub variety has a tall, narrow habit that makes it ideal for hedging. Hicks Yew hedges respond very well to heavy pruning, becoming a more dense and handsome hedge over time What is Yew hedging like? Taxus are small evergreen trees or large shrubs of rounded habit, with dense, linear leaves and, on female plants, conspicuous fleshy red arils surrounding the solitary seeds. Taxus baccata is a medium-sized bushy evergreen tree with narrow, leathery, very dark green leaves arranged in two rows on the shoots, and. This 6' yew hedge provides instant privacy immediately after installation. 5-6' InstantHedge units ship 3 per pallet in cardboard or cedar, and 4 per pallet in fabric bags. Deciduous hedges like this beech hedge provide seasonal interest as well as privacy. 3-4' InstantHedge A classic native plant, yew can live for hundreds of years and many mature specimens are flourishing in famous residences and stately homes around the UK in the form of mature hedges fine topiaries and individual specimens, yew flourish and can live for hundreds of years. instant hedges at 1.2 metres (4ft) high. 1.5m (5ft) and 1.8m (6ft. This hedge can be planted in sun to shade and in all soil types, except peat; slightly acidic to alkaline. All parts of English yew, Taxus baccata are poisonous except for the red seed casing. English yews / Taxus produce the most amazing hedges that live as long as 1,500 years. They grow considerably more slowly than other conifers

InstaHedge supplying Instant Hedging & Pleached Trees. Our products include Instant Hedges, Semi-Mature Trees, Pleached Trees, Espalier Trees and Topiary, as well as the planting service At Readyhedge our hedges are available in two styles, Readyhedge troughs and Readyhedge bags. Both options are suitable for instant planting, giving any garden-owner all the benefits of stunning, mature hedges, instantly. Readyhedge is an innovative way of supplying hedges

These evergreen bushes for privacy typically grow up to six feet tall. The Dense Yew is very wide, growing outward with dense foliage and branches. We recommend regular pruning of these bushes. This Yew displays bright green, needle-like extensions that group together to form a growing hedge Hampshire Hedges are please to announce that we have added three evergreen hedges to our range of complete instant hedging. These are Yew, Portugal Laurel and Griselinia (New Zealand broadleaf) which compliment our very successful beech, hornbeam and privet hedges Hedges. Our Instant Hedge Unit are available in larger sizes than the standard troughs and provide a more mature screen. The individual plants are clipped regularly to create blocks that when planted in a row form a dense, evenly clipped hedge.We also have semi-mature hedging units at 2m+ height The most popular species for instant hedges are: Taxus baccata (Yew) - the classic British evergreen hedge, fantastic for shaping and maintaining as a formal hedge. Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam) - A fantastic deciduous hedge, which will change with the seasons and allow more light into the garden in the winter months

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  1. How to Create an Instant Hedge. All you need to do is select your plants and order them. Create a garden space with good soil and drainage, and then wait for your order to arrive. The plants are grown on acres of land with each being at least five years old and meticulously pruned. They are harvested using a U-shaped spade that removes up to 90.
  2. Elveden Instant Hedges have been growing mature instant hedge and screening since the late 1990s based at the Estate's field nurseries in Suffolk. Elveden is a world-class producer and purveyor of local and regional food excellence
  3. Description. English Yew (Taxus baccata) hedging is one of the classic instant hedges. It has been used in the very best gardens of the grandest Stately Homes and Palaces for many years as it forms a brilliant back drop to any planting that is in front of it, as well as being able to be trimmed into amazing geometric and formal shapes
  4. Yew (Taxus Baccata) is also known as English Yew or Common Yew and has been a popular hedging plant for many centuries. Yew is a native evergreen conifer to the UK and you will find many ancient specimens of Yew in almost all churchyards, which are often hundreds of years old. Yew is slow growing and clips well to form a dense hedge with dark.
  5. Instant Hedges provide natural habitats for birds and other wildlife and provide an interesting visual impact throughout the year. Instant Hedges are evergreen or deciduous shrubs grown and pruned specifically for use in hedging, and depending on the type, can be planted at heights up to 2 metres tall in formal or informal planting
  6. Instant Hedge Plants. Our instant hedges are ready to plant, and we now offer an exclusive range available in our most popular hedging species.. best4hedging's instant hedge plants are mostly grown in one-metre troughs that are regularly clipped to shape while they've matured
  7. 20 litre hedge troughs - prepare a trench at least 20cm deep and 25cm wide to allow for backfilling, making sure the base and sides of the trench have been loosened with a fork. The trough itself is approx. 17cm wide and 17cm deep. Plant these with the the rootballs just touching to give a continuous instant hedge with each section giving.

Planting an instant hedge can provide a fast and complete transformation of your outdoor space, instantly defining boundaries, creating privacy and screening your garden. For customers seeking immediate and impressive impact, mature, instant hedging units and screens, which are suitable for planting all year round, are a superb option English Hedging has a variety of options for 2-3m hedging including Western Red Cedar and Yew. Contact Us 01932 854 135 to place your order or request a quote. Competitive, friendly, (Prunus Laurocerasus Rotundifolia) which is another good option for instant hedging being initially typically more dense than Leylandii Situated in Co. Kildare, our nursery has been in business since 1990 and stocks a range of hedging, including beech, laurel, Portuguese laurel, yew and copper beech. More recently, we've been supplying Quercus ilex, Evergreen Oak, for instant hedges and for single specimen trees. Telephone 086 2561276 today for a Quote Yew English Instant Hedging 6.5ft 200cm. Common Yew hedges are a familiar sight around UK churchyards although common in England, English Yew has grown across Europe and as far afield as Asia in the Himalayas. The hedge flowers with autumnal red fruits, and is a great source of food for local birds InstantHedges are pre-grown hedge units of four plants 3'- 4' or 5'- 6' each that create an instant hedge when planted. Instead of waiting at least five years for a hedge to grow and become established, InstantHedge™ hedges are mature and ready in a day

Instant hedges range from the traditional Green Privet hedge to the low growing thornless Japanese Holly. If you are looking for an instant hedge that is tolerant of a wide range of soil types then the Hornbeam deciduous hedge, is the ideal choice. English Yew (Taxus baccata) Classic Instant Hedge The best-rated product in Bushes is the 12 in. to 18 in. Tall Tautoni Spreading Yew (Taxus)Starter Hedge Kit, Live Bareroot Evergreen Shrub (10-Pack). What is the cheapest option available within Bushes? Check out our lowest priced option within Bushes, the 2 Gal. Densiformis Taxus (Yew) Shrub Tree Instant hedges have been available in Europe for years now, yew, arborvitae, European beech, cherry laurel, etc.—covering hardiness zones 2 through 9. And they come in three heights, 3-4' and 5-6' foot, plus a soon-to-come 18-24 inch line for low hedges Hedge Maple (Acer campestre)—This flowering maple plant is a trendy hedging tree with rapid growth. This species can grow together with other hedge bushes to create dramatic informal box-shaped hedges. The Best Evergreen Hedging Plants (With Pictures and Names) Evergreen hedges provide living privacy screens throughout the year

Laurel is the quickest growing evergreen hedging plant that isn't a conifer, so if you don't want a conifer hedge, Laurel is the quickest and cheapest way of creating an evergreen hedge. Laurels will also provide the most instant hedging as the taller sizes (4ft, 5ft and 6ft) are bushy and can often create an instant screen if planted close enough Yew Create a mature yew hedge - instantly Yew (Taxus baccata) is one of the few conifers native to the UK. This inoffensive slow growing shrub has been a favourite with garden designers for centuries... Instant Hedging can act as a boundary. Big Hedge Co. is a landscape company with a difference. Founded by Gold Medal winners at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show (2015) and at RHS Tatton Park (2011 - 2013), we specialise in beautiful, ready-grown hedges and topiary Taxus baccata. English Yew (Taxus baccata) hedging is one of the classic instant hedges. It has been used in the very best gardens of the grandest Stately Homes and Palaces for many years as it forms a brilliant back drop to any planting that is in front of it, as well as being able to be trimmed into amazing geometric and formal shapes Native English Yew instant hedge screen is a tried and true choice. These specimens are grown as Yew instant hedges in troughs and they come in four different sizes. You can get our Yew hedging screens at 1.2m, 1.4m, 1.7m, and 1.8 metres in height. The width of the troughs is 1 metre, and each of them usually holds 5 to 6 individual plants.

Grow Podocarpus shrubs in full sun or partial shade. However, don't worry if the Japanese yew is in the shade as this is also a shade-tolerant plant. Make sure the area for growing a Podocarpus hedge is large enough. Pine yew hedges can grow up to 8 ft. (2.4 m) tall with a wide spread Yew (taxus baccata) - instant hedging plants - available from September to April. For larger sizes and individual quotes for taxus instant hedging, please email. Yew (taxus x media 'Hillii') instant hedging 45cm tall in 50cm long trough. Price is per metre. £62.97 per metre for 1-4 metres length of hedge They offer varieties of arborvitae, yew, maples, and dogwoods. The hedges are sold in 40-inch long units, approximately 16 inches wide. Brent Markus talks about InstantHedge at the Chicago IGC Show. Of course, any hedge will need maintenance, such as scheduled pruning (Yew) Units. Taxus baccata (Yew) Cone. Taxus baccata (Yew) Column. Taxus baccata (Yew) Large Bushes. Thuja occidentalis (Cedar) Hedge block. Tel: +44(0)1296 399585. Instant Landscapes and Instant Hedges, Red Oak Farm, Hulcott Lane, Hulcott, Nr Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP22 5AX

Dieback in yew can often be caused if cats and dogs use the hedge as a toilet. The build-up of uric acid does the damage here. If you can protect your Yew plants from this then they will have a chance. This is a very frustrating common occurrence, especially if part of your hedge is on a corner or on a dog walking route. 11) Sal Instant Hedging. If you require an immediate screen, our Instant Hedging troughs can be planted all year round and are an excellent option as the plants have been grown as a clipped hedge on our nursery, forming a dense knitted screen for instant impact, giving the appearance of a mature hedge that has been planted many years When you buy instant hedging you are buying a mature hedge. Within hours of it being planted, nobody would know that it hadn't been there for all time. Available in 1 metre lengths and at any time of year. Instant hedging is grown and transported in robust root bags so that plants are barely disturbed when being transplanted The Yew Trouogh is an excellent way to form a near instant hedge; or could be used as a partition in restaurants or other similar situations. View Our Recommended Hedges Quick View Select option Planting a living wall is a maintainable, eco-accommodating option to a hardscaped protection fence. Choose the best trees for privacy for your landscape and enjoy your privacy

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We supply mature and semi-mature trees and hedging plants, both importing and growing on our own stock. We are able to provide most varieties of trees and hedging plants that are native to the UK or grown well in our climate conditions, from yew hedges to pleached hornbeam hedges, and beech saplings to Cedar of Lebanon Yew (Taxus baccata) root ball hedging in ready formed hedging elements for an instant Impact. Create an instant screen with our hedging elements that are designed to impress

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Glebe Farm Hedging is a well established wholesale and mail order nursery and hedge plants UK specialist based on the edge of the Dedham Vale near the Essex/Suffolk border. We are a family business with a background in horticulture and farming, and have been growing and wholesaling quality hedge plants, hedging shrubs and young trees on our 100. We are a wholesaler / outlet for hedging plants and supply TV, other wholesale and retail site for yew, laurels, holly, etc. Minimum order applies and we do not supply less on that size - select what you need and we make you a listing - delivery included to most of UK, please check! 175-200cm - £59.75 (minimum 50 - 2 per m)</p><p>200-225cm - £69.89 (minimum 50 - 2 per m)</p><p>225-250cm - £. Hedge plants for sale including Laurel, Leylandii, Yew, Box, Holly, Beech, Hornbeam, Thuya, and Castlewellan Gold. All sizes of hedging available nationwide 01252 714 55

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English Yew Hedge Troughs. The yew is a native, noble tree which makes an excellent, long living hedging plant. Our English yew hedge troughs can be grown as a free-standing specimen or in containers which can be shaped as topiary. This makes the yes ideal for formal landscaping projects or for the enthusiastic home gardener. Instant English.

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Instant & Mature Hedging. You could opt for an evergreen hedge if you are looking for cover & privacy all year round. With an evergreen hedge around your garden, even in the winter, when most trees, shrubs and bushes have lost their leaves, you prevent people seeing into your home or blocking the view or new house or extension that looks into. Give yew hedging the best possible start, by following Monty Don's practical planting guide. Growing a new hedge is a long-term project, so it's important to do it correctly. Monty Don 's comprehensive guide to planting a yew hedge is invaluable, showing you how to prepare the soil, align and space the plants, and ensure they establish. Yew is an English native, and forms superb, dense hedges from 1m to 3m or more, providing excellent screening, almost total shelter from wind and weather and excellent privacy. An evergreen conifer that is easy to manage, it grows at 20-30cm a year, quicker than many people think Taxus Baccata, 'English Yew Out of stock until Autumn, please call for dates or to reserve Trees are 150-175cm in height. Recommended Planting Density - 1 per metre. Slower growing evergreen conifer tree, requiring less maintenance once established. Excellent as The Yew Dome is a long-living native British evergreen which is broadly conical in shape. It's spreading, horizontal branches, scaly, purple-brown bark with linear, glossy or matt dark green leaves help make an excellent formal hedge or tree line when fully grown. Flowers are visible in March and April. Male flowers are small white-yellow globe.

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Hedging is a fantastic way to get added privacy in your home and garden. We offer an impressive selection of these plants that will help you to achieve the look you want in your outdoor space. Whether you're searching for traditional native plants, evergreens or perhaps something a little more unusual, you should find it right here hedging (18) Hospitality Garden (8) hotel gardens (18) Hydrangea (1) Instant hedging (18) irish Nursery (49) landscaping (17) lawn care (1) mature hedging (20) Mature trees (32) Mediterranean garden (1) Multi-stemmed trees (11) Niwaki (7) Olive trees (1) Palms (3) Perennial Garden (2) pizza oven (3) Plant care (8) Pleached Trees (10) pots (4. Yew (Taxus baccata) is the classic British King hedging plant for creating a formal evergreen hedge or topiary. With its dark green narrow leathery leaves the Yew also makes an excellent backdrop to any herbaceous border. Yew can be hard pruned and is an excellent plant for shaping and clipping to desired requirements. Yew hedge plants are slow growing and easily maintained, requiring. Yew can be seen growing happily at stately homes, private estates, parkland, large and small gardens, in tree containers, patio gardens, company headquarters, commercial sites and roof top gardens. Available as Hi pleached trees, screens, specimen solitaire pieces and ornamental trees, mature hedge plants and instant hedge elements

Taxus baccata Yew hedging plants available in a range of sizes for instant effect. Grown in Yorkshire. Order online today. Excellent hedging species, with dense evergreen crown, dark green-black needle-like foliage and red-brown bark andproduces red berry-like fruit with toxic seeds. It can be readily clipped and trained for formal hedging and. These are truly instant hedges! Each InstantHedge is an evergreen or deciduous hedge sold in panels of four trees that have been pruned multiple times each year, using GPS tracking equipment, to. Instant cloud-pruned hedges that resemble fluffy clouds, created from up to 100 plants in yew or osmanthus, are so expansive that they can be installed with secret rooms inside the hedge Everyone desires the privacy from an 'instant hedge' from day 1 but this can sometimes be cost prohibitive, unless you have deep pockets. Pruned formally, Yew is the quintessential English hedge. Its dark green foliage provides the perfect back drop for planting. Yes is an exceptionally dense hedge, perfect for providing a secret. Yew, the king of hedges in my book, only needs a trim in August to retain its fabulous geometric shape. Instant hedges are available, if you are prepared to pay for them. These can be large, mature plants ready to go into the ground, or plants that come in troughs that add extra height. Bamboo is also a good option for instant height

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Many hedging plants can be grown in this way, including beech, hornbeam and yew. Discover how to plant a bare-root hedge. Evergreen hedges, such as privet, are best planted in early autumn. Choose plants that will establish and grow fast, knitting together quickly. Here are some suggestions for fast-growing hedging plants, all of which should. Taxus baccata 'Repandens': This variety grows roughly 2 to 4 feet high by 12 to 15 feet wide and is used for foundation plantings or as short hedges.; Taxus canadensis: Known as Canadian yew, this species has a spreading growth habit and reaches around 4 feet tall by 7 feet wide.; Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata': This plant has a columnar shape at around 15 to 30 feet high by 4 to 8 feet wide and. A healthy hedge will take 2 - 3 years to fill in before you get a dense screen. Bamboo will be the same if clumps are planted 5' apart. Planting: We encourage planting in the cooler part of the day to alleviate st ress on the plants (and the planter). When planting a hedges, amend the soil with 1/3 compost to 2/3 soil

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Thoroughly wash your hands after touching any part of the yew tree hedge because their foliage is usually toxic. Spacing. Spacing is very important when it comes to creating a taxus baccata hedge. Proper spacing will allow the plant to form thick a within a considerable period. In this case, plant 2 to 3 Taxus Baccata plants per meter We grow and sell evergreen hedging plants for instant hedging applications. Common varieties are Laurel, Yew, Leylandii, Western Red Cedar, Photinia Red Robin. Let us know your requirement and we will be happy to quote

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Excellent hedging species, with dense evergreen crown, dark green-black needle-like foliage and red-brown bark andproduces red berry-like fruit with toxic seeds. It can be readily clipped and trained for formal hedging and for topiary. Yew tolerates urban sites, winds, root competition and even dense shade. Not suited for very acid soils or very sunny dry sites. Not as slow growing as people. Today we're looking at the top 3 hedge plants for Southern California! Podocarpus gracilior (Fern Pine), Ligustrum japonicum (Japanese Privet) & Dodonaea pu..

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The cost of the fence with labor and materials ranges from $2,270 to $5,760. A landscaper will take about 15 to 20 hours to plant a 209-foot hedge of Leyland Cypress at an average of $45 to $65 per hour, for a total labor cost of $680 to $1,300. The material cost for 42 plants averages $25 each for a total of $1,050 Beech Hedging Blackthorn Hedging Box Hedging Cedar Hedging Cotoneaster Hedging Dogwood Hedging Elder Hedging Gum Tree Hedging Hawthorn Hedging Hazel Hedging Holly Hedging Hornbeam Hedging Laurel Hedging Leylandii Hedging (Gold) Leylandii Hedging (Green) Oak Hedging Privet Hedging Rose Hedging Yew Hedging: Ornamental Trees 100-800cm: Memorial. Instant Mature Hedging Plants. It's easy to create instant hedges with our root ball hedging plants. We supply over 100,000 hedging trees every year to landscapers, developers and of course home gardeners. And every tree is grown and cultivated by ourselves right here in Norfolk. Buy in bulk and save with our root ball hedging plants

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The following hedging plants will all happily grow in containers: Beech (Fagus sylvatica): One of our most popular trees, the Beech can be container-grown and still give of its best. Box (Buxus): Box Balls and Pyramids make excellent container plants, adding structure and a sense of simple formality to a garden A much more attractive hedge than cherry Laurel and can be grown in any soil. Like all hedges it needs to be trimmed so the base is wider than the top to encourage leafing out at the base of the plant. Our hedges are grown 50 cm dia airpots on the nursery and allowed to develop so that two plants create a complete screen 1 mtr long and 1.8mtrs. Instant hedge The Typical woody plants for clipped hedges include privet, hawthorn, beech, yew, leyland cypress, hemlock, arborvitae, barberry, box, holly, oleander, lavender, among others. An early 20th-century fashion was for tapestry hedges, using a mix of golden, green and glaucous dwarf conifers, or beech and copper beech. Unclipped. Yew - English. Taxus baccata hedging. From £8.99. BUY. English (Taxus baccata) is often referred to as the King Of Hedges as it is the classic British conifer hedge. A lovely evergreen hedging plant that will provide colour, privacy and windbreak. Plant Information Planting & Pruning Advice Yew can save us from the hedge of oblivion In the 1980s the Leyland cypress (often termed leylandii) was all the rage. Whole benches in garden centres were devoted to this hedging conifer