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Mouseover target macros for Wow are very powerful ways to cast spells at targets that your mouse is currently hovering over. They are great for more sedentary class roles like healers that cast lots of spells at different targets. They are also popular with ranged DPS for PVP and tanks for taunting, CC, and silencing However, with a mouseover macro though, %t would not call the target of your polymorph spell, but of what you actually have as your target, so I wouldn't suggest putting it in there. There's some other fancier way to make it call the target of your spell, but I don't know how Hello guys! Can anyone please help me with the following macro? I want to add an extra modifier for the spell, when i press ctrl, it will cast polymorph on my focus. I tried to add an extra line myself for focus, but it didn't work sadly. /cast [@mouseover,exists] Polymorhp); [@target] Polymorph; It should work like this: If i'm targeting something, cast normal polymorph at my main target. By including [target=mouseover] in the start of your /cast macro, you can make the mentioned spell cast on whatever you are mousing over, rather than your current target. This is very useful when fighting several enemies at once, to ensure you do not lose track of your main target, or immediately hit the polymorphed target by mistake This macro will cast Innervate on a friendly mouseover target, a friendly target or yourself. /cast [target=mouseover, help] [target=targettarget, help] [target=player] Innervate Ice Block then Cold Snap This macro will recast Ice Block by activating Cold Snap

Polymorph Macro #showtooltip /cast [target=focus] Polymorph Spellsteal Macro #showtooltip /cast [target=focus] Spellsteal Counterspell Macro #showtooltip /cast [target=focus] Counterspell Mouseover Remove Curse. Great way to effectively decurse a friendly target without having to target them. #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover] Remove Curse Cancel. Set focus macro. /focus. Focus CS. #showtooltip. /cast [target=focus] counterspell. Focus poly. #showtooltip. /cast [target=focus] Polymorph (Rank 1) Always loads player to bottom of raid frame, have to sort by group then hit interface settings and escape Ok, perhaps dumb question, but how do I set the Polymorph variant for poly in a macro? They are all called Polymorph in the spellbook, and /cast Polymorph(Cat) for example does not work anymore. - - - Updated - - - Just to update, it's the crittermorph glyph. Everything works fine without it #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][]Polymorph harm/help implies exist, but exists doesn't imply alive [] = cast normally at target. Since comet storm is a normal targeting spell, unlike Blizzard which targets a ground location, you could replace Polymorph with Comet Storm in the above macro and it would work the same #showtooltip Polymorph /stopcasting /Use [combat] Presence of Mind /Use [@focus] Polymorph Use this macro together with the Setting Focus macro (or if you already have an enemy in focus) to make this macro work. When you are not in combat, this macro simply casts Polymorph on your (hostile) focus

Welcome to Wowhead's Frost Mage Arena PvP Guide, up to date for 9.0.5! In this section of the guide, we will cover every useful macro for Frost Mages in PvP, including focus macros and mouseover macros. Arena macros make gameplay feel more fluid and make it easier to make quick decisions Polymorph with Focus, favouring Mouseover This is a modified version of the focus-following macros above, that will reset your focus to your mouseover target. This means you can switch polymorph focus without changing your current target Target or Mouseover Sheep Macro (Rank 1 or Max Rank) No Mod: Max Rank Polymorph Shift Mod: Rank 1 Polymorph. #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover, harm, nodead] [harm, nodead] Polymorph; [@mouseover, mod:shift, harm, nodead] [mod:shift, harm, nodead] Polymorph(Rank 1) Target or Mouseover Arcane Intellect Macro. No Mod: Max Rank Arcane Intellec

This is the same as the previous macro, only it will cast at your mouseovered target if it exists, and if not it will cast at your current target #showtooltip Polymorph /cast [target=mouseover] Polymorph; #showtooltip Remove Curse /cast [target=mouseover] Remove Curse; By including [target=mouseover] in the start of your /cast macro, you can make the mentioned spell cast on whatever you are mousing over, rather than your current target /castrandom Polymorph, Polymorph(Turtle), Polymorph(Black Cat), Polymorph(Pig) You click on your target: Then once activated the macro puts the Water Elemental on passive, then creates a focus frame of the target on your screen, and then casts one of the random poly's from the list Polymorph / Focus Polymorph. Detect Magic Replacement. Eat, Drink, and Make Food/Water. Fire Ward/Frost Ward/Ice Barrier. Decurse. Decurse Mouseover/Self. Deep Freeze and Deep Freeze Focus - Will cast Deep Freeze on your target if macro is pressed normally. If shift is pressed with the macro it will cast Deep Freeze on your focus target

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Mouseover polymorph or poly current target: /run if UnitExists(mouseover)then TargetUnit(mouseover) CastSpellByName(Polymorph(rank 1)) TargetLastTarget() else CastSpellByName(Polymorph(rank 1)) end Edited January 23, 2017 by reflec 9. Try changing your mouseover macro to /cast [target=mouseover, exists] Spell Name; Spell Name like flash heal would be /cast [target=mouseover, exists] Flash Heal; Flash Heal. Also, make sure your Naga is set to your normal 1-= keys, and not to your numberpad. On the bottom of the Naga, your switch should be up. Hope some of this helps RAW Paste Data. XARYU UP TO DATE (3/17/19) MACROS #showtooltip Supernova /cast [nomod, harm] Supernova /cast [mod:shift, @focus, harm] Supernova updates based on spec #showtooltip /cast [talent:7/1] Thermal Void /cast [talent:7/2] Ray of Frost /cast [talent:7/3] Glacial Spike automatically casts orb on your cursor (use when using concentrated.

Here's my current poly macro. #showtooltip /script if UnitExists (mouseover) then SetRaidTarget (mouseover, 1) elseif UnitExists (target) then SetRaidTarget (target,1) end /stopcasting /use [@mouseover,harm,exists] [@target,exists] Polymorph. If you've got a mouseover target it'll put the Icon on them and poly them, if not and you've. You can also make macros to do it like /focus arena 1 , /focus arena 2, etc. CS and Poly would be like: #showtooltip polymorph. /cast [target=focus] polymorph. #showtooltip counter spell. /cast [target=focus] counter spell. That will allow you to cast those abilities on your focus without losing your current target Polymorph. This macro casts Polymorph as fast as possible. It will also use a mouseover target, if you have one. #showtooltip Polymorph /stopcasting /cast [@mouseover, harm] [harm] Polymorph Miscellaneous. Potions and Bandages. This is an easy way to bind Health Potions, Mana Potions and Bandages to a single button..

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  1. Macro for Wow: Polymorph sheep target or focus for Mages. This macro will cast Remove Lesser Curse on a friendly mouseover target, a friendly target or yourself. I've been looking everywhere for a macro I can use to polymorph my focus target, but I've not managed to get any to work
  2. 1 New macro format request 1.1 Re-creating old macros 1.2 Example macro 2 General Macros 2.1 Buffs 2.2 Shield one button 2.3 Cast and Remove Ice Block 2.4 One-Click Teleport 2.4.1 Horde 2.4.2 Alliance 2.5 One-Click Portal 2.5.1 Horde 2.5.2 Alliance 2.6 AoE Grinding (Non-Frost) 2.7 Start buffs, conjure rations, and eat/drink in one click 2.8 Start buffs, conjure rations, and eat/drink in one.
  3. I need to add a set focus to my mouseover sheep macro below, so after I sheep it sets a focus bar on that target so I can see how long is left on the sheep. #showtooltip /cast [target=mouseover,exists,nohelp] Polymorph;Polymorph. Kaol-thunderlord 15 January 2021 10:34 #2

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  1. Focus Polymorph. author: Mystic | last updated: May 1, 20. Even though you have arena 1/2/3, it's still useful to have this focus macro as it has the potential to be faster for you to use incase you're reacting to your focus frame. /cast [target=focus] Polymorph. To post a comment, you must or register
  2. This macro is for immediately casting a spell, rather than having to cancel the spell cast manually. Just replace Spell with a spell and its rank. For example, rank 1 Polymorph would be /cast Polymorph (Rank 1). If a spell has no rank, such as Blink, you only need to put the spell name. Self & mouse-over de-curse /cast Remove Lesser Curs
  3. Mage World of Warcraft macros. Sets your target as focus and cast Polymorph. Press Alt + macro to clear your focus. Casts Slow fall on your mouseover target. Casts Spellsteal at your focus if you have one , else on your target. target if you have one else on your target. Mage macro that stops casting and removes the curse on the target you.

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Foolproof Polymorph/Mind Control Macro. As usual the #showtooltip command is used to make the macro icon give mouse over info like your other spells, its always optional. The next line, regarding focus...upon targeting and clicking this macro it will set that target as your focus, focus being a second target you set without having to have it. /cast [target=mouseover,harm] Polymorph; Polymorph This can be useful for quickly polymorphing a separate target than your current one, with a check to make sure the target you're mousing over is actually something you can sheep (in case your mouse is harmlessly resting on a teammate) /cast [target=mouseover,harm] Counterspell;Counterspell /cast [exists,harm] Counterspell his macro will first counterspell the target you have your mouse over, and if you aren't mouseovering anything, it will counterspell your current target

Oh only things you may want for this level is focus poly, mouseover/self decurse & if you want a clean UI shiftmod for rank1 frostbolt and 1 for fireball to keep them rogues doted #showtooltip Polymorph 1 What is Multiboxing 2 Macros 3 Key Terms 3.1 Focus 3.2 Target 3.3 Options 4 Examples 4.1 Invite 4.2 Accept 4.3 Focus 4.4 Simple Spell Attack 4.5 Pain followed by Wand 4.6 Wand Attack 4.7 Silence cast by alt 4.8 Advanced Spell usage 4.9 PyroBlast Opener Fireball Followup 4.10 Mouseover 4.11 Using the ALT key 4.12 Four Frost Novas 4.13 Polymorph 4.14 Skinning 4.15 Heal rotation 4.16 Healing. The site is down, but I updated the macros for twinks (all classes) on the repo. Check Spellbinder Macros. It includes a text file of each macro as well as the macro cache files. Update (5.23.2020) - I did a major rework regarding focus/mouseover behavior. The macros have improved a lot so check them out

2011-Jan-6 1:31 pm. to footballdude. if you don't want to have to mouseover you could also just set the target as your focus and then have a macro with this line: /cast [target=focus] polymorph. I have also included a shot of the Fear macro just in case it is something to do with that:- I had a similar problem when I was making the mouseover Fear macro for this character as it would suddenly switch to my mages Polymorph mouseover macro when I dragged it to my bars Like the video if you learned something new!Support me for a shout-out https://patreon.com/muhshuhSubscribe for more videos https://youtube.com/user/muhs.. Random Polymorph. Mouseover target macros for Wow are very powerful ways to cast spells at targets that your mouse is currently hovering over. In this macro guide, I will go over the general mechanics of macros in Classic Wow. Macro guide!Macros can make your life in World of Warcraft a lot easier Burst Macro (/use 14 line is for human on-use damage trinket, you must put it in your last trinket equipment slot, use blood fury (Racial) is for orc racial, remove useless lines according to your race) : #showtooltip Arcane Power /cancelaura Ice Block /use 14 /use Blood Fury (Racial) /use Arcane Power /cast Supernova Cancelauras and.

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The old Polymorph Mouseover/Focus macro most dangerous enemy units right after they unload from Transport. For the manga, see World of Warcraft patch 5.4 Siege of Orgrimmar, Mists of Pandaria Mage. ; use: Casts a random [ Polymorph ] spell and announces it with an.! The Mage is a DPS caster that specializes in burst damage and of Focus macros are extremely important on the Burning Crusade because there is no arena123 option on the 2.4.3 client. Working on the assumption that Classic TBC will not support this option, here is a quick introduction to focus macros such as Blind, Sap, Kick, etc Classic Mage s want to have the cleanest UI possible, in order to constantly be alert to their surroundings and never miss a Frost Nova / Polymorph / Counterspell MVP save of the day!. At the same time, WoW Classic is a game that can easily get tedious in some of its menial tasks, such as repairing your gear or selling gray items once you reach a vendor These macros are made for the 1.12.1 client version of World of Warcraft and require these addons: SuperMacro allows the creation of longer macros than the default and the ability to run Lua code from within a macro, which is used in several macros below.; Zorlen is a function library that provides tons of benefits and is used throughout all the macros

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For example, one one of the macros I used was a mouseover macro for Polymorph: #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover, nodead, nohelp][] polymorph. If anyone has any useful mage macros please let me know! Thanks! 237 People Learned More Courses ›› View Cours Arcane Barrage / Arcane Blast Macro (Tek Tuş) Bu macro, alt tuşuna bastığınızda Arcane Barrage, diğer durumlarda Arcane Blast atmanızı sağlar. #showtooltip /cast [mod:alt]Arcane Barrage; Arcane Blast. Arcane Macro Fire Macro Frost Macro Mage PvP Macro WoW Türk WoW Türkiye. Author Comment by 67329 one of the most powerful spells in a paladins arsenal in pvp or one of the most powerful spells in any arsenal in the game? this spell is one of my most useful spells, able to dispell fear (on other targets), dots, frost nova, frost bolt (basicly anything a mage can hit you with) poisons, and diseases, only thing you cant take off with this is curses, and mages and druids can. This page is intended to provide patterns that may be useful in constructing your own macros, filling a niche between a reference page for macros HOWTO: Make a Macro and a list of generally Useful macros. 'Focus' is a UnitId newly available in WoW 2.0 which provides for a means for macros (and addons under keyboard/mouse control) to 'remember' some other UnitId. Unit frame addons allow a. Focus and Macros: The key skills you need for PvP. WoW Insider covers the world of player vs. player action in Blood Sport for fans of Battleground, world PvP and Arena play. Steering you to.

In the case of a Mage Polymorph, Usually the sheeped mob is the last to kill, as mages can easily resheep and keep the mob controlled indefinitely. For even faster marking, combining the macro /run SetRaidTarget(mouseover, #); (# of course being replaced with the corresponding icon's number) with key bindings will allow you to apply icons. I was browsing the wowwiki macros for rogues section and saw the macro for Preparation that basically says if you're going to be resetting al With the castsequence command, you can chain several abilities to a single button. Thus it is useful for all encounters where fire resistance is in effect. Polymorph macro. Guides i need help geting a macro for polymorph, i need a macro that alows me to mouse over on a opponet to cast polymorph and any help to actually use the macro woul This site makes extensive use of JavaScript Polymorph. This macro casts Polymorph as fast as possible. It will also use a mouseover target, if you have one. #showtooltip Polymorph /stopcasting /cast [@mouseover, harm] [harm] Polymorph. Potions and Bandages. This is an easy way to bind Health Potions, Mana Potions and Bandages to a single button. Pressing it normally will use a Health.

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  1. Icelance Mouseover. Will Icelance your Mouseover target if you have once, otherwise it Icelances your target. Polymorph / Focus Polymorph Cast rank 1 Polymorph on your current target. Holding down shift will cast it on your focus target instead of your current target. This macro will create food or water or use it depending on what.
  2. 1) mouse over to my mage's screen, target the second mob (the one I want to poly) with the mage. 2) mouse back over to my paly's screen, target the primary mob. 3) Broadcast the poly command (this is just the normal polymoprh spell.. no macro) Mage will polymorph the second mob, whom he is targetting. 4) hit dps comman
  3. WoW Mage Macros - Fire (WotLK 3.3.5) Using macro's in fire PvE isn't that important, there are a few handy ones that can help out. This causes your flamestrike to not untoggle when pressed twice after eachother. Mouseover and focus polymorph
  4. Mouseover Focus /focus [target=mouseover] Trinket #1 (upper) #showtooltip /use 13 Trinket #2 (lower) Polymorph (casts Polymorph if no modifiers are pressed, casts Polymorph on focus if modifier (CTRL) is pressed) Shockadin Macro with (more) consumables and Avenging Wrath /cast Avenging Wrath /use Hex Shrunken Hea
  5. The almighty mouseover Bomb macro: Code: Select all. #showtooltip /use [mod:shift, @mouseover, harm, exists, nodead] Mage Bomb ; Mage Bomb. If you macro the following behind your attacks your Water Elemental will stay on the first target you tell him to attack till that target is dead or unavailable. Requires the Pet to be passive
  6. PowerPoint VBA Macro Mouse Over and Mouse Out. 1. I want to apply trigger animation when mouse over I found very helpful tutorial so I can make the animation happen when mouse Over the button, but it allow the animation to happen only when the mouse come over the button again. What I need is to the required animation happen as below: - when.

Macro 2: /cast [target=focus,harm] (Shackle Undead/Polymorph); [harm] (Shackle Undead/Polymorph) The first one sets your focus; the second will cast the selected spell on your focus, if you have one, or your current target if you don't have a focus /cast [target=focus] Polymorph /optgroup [target=focus, exists] Sheeping %fRandom chat commands:Similar to the macro options, you can now add /rnd to the beginning of any chat command to pick a random saying. The /rnd___ commands also take options to pick a different list of sayings. The lists themselves are separated by the backslash symbol. Warrior Mouseover Sunder Macros Mouseover Sunder. #showtooltip Sunder Armor /cast [target=mouseover] Sunder Armor. This macro lets you sunder your current mouseover target, which is extremely useful for building AE threat. Even better, though, is that Sunder Armor does not break crowd control, allowing you to build threat on a CC'd target without breaking it In which case, it will clear it. If you have no focus, it will set your target as the focus, and polymorph it. There is also a mouse over macro, that Evertras uses. #showtooltip Polymorph(Rank 1) /stopcasting /cast [target=mouseover,harm] Polymorph; Polymorph. These are just suggestions Like the subject says - is there any way to make the slaves take the mouseover target from main? What I'm trying to accomplish is mousing over a mob (without changing current target) and press a button to make a slave (mage) cast polymorph on the mouseover-target of the tank

Simple Polymorph Written by RPZip This macro will allow you to designate some unfortunate soul as your chain-polymorpher. You can move onto other targets, then hit this button to repolymorph your original target. Hitting the Shift button will also force a Focus shift to your current target (can be modified to either ctrl or alt if you so choose. Mouseover Polymorph and Remove Curse Macros. #showtooltip Polymorph / cast [target = mouseover] Polymorph. It is also more convenient to use a mouseover macro for Remove Curse Icon Remove Curse while in a group. 2.8. Spammable Arcane Missile Macro. #showtooltip Arcane Missiles / cast. Misc Macros. Mouseover Dispell Sylphael's macro (ty, Sylphael!) will cast dispel magic on whatever target your mouse is presently hovering over. This macro will cast Polymorph if the target is hostile, then stop the macro if the target is NOT hostile (i.e. if the polymorph didn't go off). Then it tells the party that it's target has.

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Introduction Video covering everything you will need regarding Addons, Macros, and WeakAuras as a mage. Video Youtube Video Macros Modifiers: #showtooltip /cast [nomodifier] arcane explosion /cast [modifie.. Wow How To Set Focus - Set Focus To Mouseover Target With A Modifier. So if youre right in the middle of a long cast and you need to urgently Polymorph someone, you hit this macro, with or without your modifier, and it stops your long cast and Polymorphs the relevant enemy.Now, Im kind of hoping that at this point, youve suddenly.

For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled How do I make a mouseover macro? This is a standard focus-sheep macro. When you want to change what polymorph spell to use, right-click the macro on your bars and pick another. It will use that new polymorph until you decide to change it again. Search:Keywords To help add items and spells to your /select macros, search:keywords are usable in place of an item or spell name Macro 2: /castsequence reset=4 Kill Command, !Auto Shot, !Auto Shot, !Auto Shot. This 3:2 shot rotation is courtesy of Manito. It's quite detailed and it is split into 2 macros. I'd explain it in more detail, but check out Manito's information, he explains it better than I could! Set focus /focus [target=mouseover What is a macro where I can start to cast a spell then cancel it if I want to with the same key that I started it with. User Info: Enclosure. Enclosure 10 years ago #2. Off the top of my mind, you cant. If you add a stopspellcasting command in there, either its at the start and your subsequent cast starts anyways, or its at the end and you. The first step is to make yourself a macro with the logic you want, and name it something unique. In this case we'll have to modify the Polymorph:Focus macro to use a modifier, rather than a right click. This will be a common modification as you set up macros to bind, since right clicking a mouse button or the F7 key just isn't an option

I have binder these 2 macros to my Razer Naga buttons on 10 and 11. Mainly useful in 2s In 3s, I normally use Psyfiend. With these macro you do not have to worry about targeting . just be aware of which enemy is Arena 1 and 2 to get this working properly. /cast [target=arena1] Dominate Mind /cast [target=arena2] Dominate Min · However, with a mouseover macro though, %t would not call the target of your polymorph spell, but of what you actually have as your target, so I wouldn't suggest putting it in there. There's some other fancier way to make it call the target of your spell, but I don't know how

Example macros are basic examples of every single command line. Be it /focus, be it to cast/use on mouse-over, with or without modifier keys, etc. Then, you make list of of macros, then names and commands for general gameplay, such as sell all grays, delete all grays, profession linking, etc Board index World of Warcraft Addons, Macros, UI and technical issues; Mouseover Single Action Flamestrike? Click the Save button, and drag your macro icon onto your bars, which will allow it to be used just like any other spell from your spellbook. #showtooltip Polymorph /cast [target=arena1] Polymorph; Using this macro Las macros son un método mediante el cual podemos definir una serie de acciones para que se ejecuten de forma consecutiva con una única pulsación de un botón del teclado o ratón. Esto permite automatizar en cierto grado acciones repetitivas o que se suelen ejecutar con frecuencia If you are a Mage, a Druid or a Shaman you can Polymorph/Cyclone/Hex mind-controlled players. In any case Decursive will allow you to target mind controlled units easily. Decursive supports magic charming affect removal for Shamans (Purge and Hex), Priests (Dispel Magic), Hunters (Tranquilizing Shot), and Warlocks (Fellhunter and Doomguards.

He also follows that up with a post on using mouseover macros keyed to specific warlock spells for wonderfully destructive results. * Primal Precision provides quite a few macros for both cat and bear feral druids. The powershifting macro for instant rage and/or to break roots (for now) is particularly useful Posted: (4 days ago) Macro For casting Fear on mouseover target, if no mouseover target exists then Fear the selected target Macro for Self Devour with the Felhunter Macro for automatic pet attack when casting Immolate on target, (or any other spell) Macro to automatically stop Wand attacks when casting drain soul

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  1. Found the time and motivation to update most of my plugins to IDA Pro 7.1 SDK. Besides just updating them, I put some time into ExtraPass. It should be better now at avoiding more embedded data, has more integrity at finding missing functions, and has a new feature that finds and fixes incorrectly defined noncontiguous [
  2. Macros. Macros are meant for the more advanced users, since you'd need to use *unit (short for the UnitID of the enemy) for a macro to work. To cast Polymorph on the enemy and print out the name of the enemy in the party chat you would have to do: /cast [target=*unit] Polymorph /script SendChatMessage(UnitName(*unit), PARTY) FA
  3. WoW macro target mouseover Mouseover/Target=Self Macro - UI and Macro - World of . To create a basic macro which only casts the spell when you have a friendly mouseover target you have to add this condition to the above macro.This will look like this: /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] Renewing Mist

Mage Macros Defensive Macros Utility Macros Keybinding 201. Defensive Macros Blink & Look Stops any cast or channel and Blinks you forward instead. Then, if your target is an enemy, flips your camera angle 180 degrees. Macroes cannot turn your character, only the camera, so a two-button mouse move will be needed to face your attacker again Conditions are an optional first argument to the macro command, must be all lower case, enclosed in [ ] square bracers, and are separated by a , (comma). @unit is supported as the first argument in conditions. @unit can be any valid macro unit ID such as @target, @mouseover, @player, etc. Aliases: (New in 1.7.0

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Frost. 2. Polymorph Focus Macro; 3. 5. Who am I. X. 2018-10-30, 05:36 PM #12. 6- Macros. Share your comments about this guide in our This is my Frost Mage's Burn Macros. 5. Lots of E-2 Q-2 E-2 Q-2. Addons, Macros, UI and technical issues ; Mouseover Single action Flamestrike Mouseover Single action?. Fire blast as E and Phoenix Flames as. Aye.. could be. I've only used it as a mage with Polymorph as the only focus-relevant spell so the following might still be simply ignorance of what you need to do. In any case, you can use the above macro for multiple spells without it changing the focus. Each spell's macro would just differ by what spell gets cast on your focus macro คือชุดคำสั่ง / หลายๆคำสั่ง(หรืออาจมีแค่คำสั่งเดียว) ตัวอย่างคำสั่ง /: /say (/s) /whisper (/w, /talk, /t) /reply (/r) /emote (/e, /em, /me) /dance /spit มาโครสามารถช่วยให้ใช้คำสั่ง / หลายๆคำสั่ง. Polymorph Black Cat stop cast/mouse over macro. #showtooltip Polymorph /stopcasting /cast Polymorph(Black Cat) Commentaire de Plushmage It appears as of 6.0.3 Endora Moorehead is no longer selling this item. (May be a bug, or may be no longer available.) Commentaire de Rizbe

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  1. One of the most common uses is to set a crowd control target. A mage can select a mob to sheep and set it as their focus. Now they can change targets for DPS and use the following macro whenever they need to re-sheep. /cast [target=focus] Polymorph Or maybe a healer could set their focus to the main tank
  2. The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! It serves 2 main purposes: It maintains a WoW addon called the Wowhead Looter, which collects data as you play the game! It uploads the collected data to Wowhead in order to keep the database.
  3. Chicago Limousine. When the ride is half the fun. fire mage 1 button macro
  4. Macros PvP Dueling PvP BiS Gear Warsong Gulch Tips Alterac Valley Tips Arathi Basin Tips About the Author Kelman is a longtime Warcraft player and fan, following and playing all the Warcraft games for many years. If you enjoy Kelman's guides and want to see more Classic content, you can follow him on Twitter and Twitch. Mage vs Druid Strategy.
  5. Polymorph Black Cat stop cast/mouse over macro. #showtooltip Polymorph /stopcasting /cast Polymorph(Black Cat) Comentario de Plushmage It appears as of 6.0.3 Endora Moorehead is no longer selling this item. (May be a bug, or may be no longer available.) Comentario de Rizbe
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