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If that piques your interest, you're in luck: there are other vestiges of movie sets all over the world you can visit. Some, like District 12 from Hunger Games and the mall from Blues Brothers lay.. Yes, you can enjoy the Shire's idyllic, lush green meadows for yourself and visit the thatched-roof cottages of Hobbiton, the only set that remains intact from the epic trilogy. Don't forget.

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  1. g is complete? While many sets are built on studio lots and unassembled when fil
  2. If you want to discover the real Middle-earth you can do it by visiting the Hobbiton movie set near Matamata on the North Island of New Zealand. On the picturesque private farmland you can see where The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film trilogies were shot in a fascinating two-hour guided tour. 9 Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunter
  3. Though Wes Anderson's 2012 movie 'Moonrise Kingdom' was set on the fictional island of New Penzance, you can visit the site of Sam and Suzy's romantic getaway in Rhode Island's Fort Wetherill State..
  4. 10 Movie Sets You Can Still Visit. by Jason Stokes. fact checked by Jamie Frater. Since movies in the old days weren't heavily reliant on CGI, the majority of film sets were actual locations transformed for the needs of cinema. Even after growing up and embracing the world of today, it can be nice to break down the barrier between fantasy and.
  5. g locations you can actually visit and turn into a full holiday whether it's the Dirty..
  6. g has wrapped. When this happens, the structures are abandoned and left to rot or turned into tourist attractions. You can visit Luke Skywalker's home planet of Tatooine or District 12 from The Hunger Games. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories
  7. Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio in Newhall, north of Los Angeles, is a working set for everything from westerns to war movies. Its museum houses nine decades of movie memorabilia, including the famous Dukes of Hazard car

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  1. If you're one of those film geeks who loves every single detail of a movie, here are some great locations from famous movies that you can visit: 1. Iron Man (2008) - Blue Cloud Movie Ranch,..
  2. When the cameras are rolling, a movie set typically buzzes with activity - but what happens when the clapperboard snaps shut for the final time? There are some amazing spots around the world that once played host to famous actors, but post-production were left to rack and ruin. While others have come back from the brink as tourist attractions. If you plan to visit any of these sets, be sure.
  3. Nowadays, the Hobbiton Movie Set is a famous tourist attraction and you can wander through Hobbiton, explore the Hobbit homes and take in the same views of the surrounding lush green countryside.
  4. Today, curious fans can visit the abandoned town of Mos Espa and scour the sun-baked huts that served as the childhood setting for the Jedi who would become Darth Vader. For some, this could even be the perfect place to pull off a Star Wars-themed wedding
  5. You can actually see quite a few film sets at Hollywood theme park Universal Studios. But perhaps none are as haunting as the Bates Motel. The actual house and motel were both built on the Universal lot for the Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho
  6. Support our team, buy our merchandise - https://www.bonfire.com/new-adventures-16/ Abandoned Movie Sets That You Can Actually Visit 2015 HD Our planet is lit..
  7. It's actually incredibly eerie and sad to walk around! The set is located in Buckinghamshire, England. It is insane how these huge TV and movie sets that must have cost so much to build have just been left to slowly decay. I would LOVE to visit these and relive the coolest moments in my favourite movies

Other than the Kualoa Ranch, other film locations in Hawaii that you can visit include the Blue Hole in Kaua'i, the National Tropical Botanical Gardens, the Olokele Valley, and the stunning Manawaiopuna Falls. And rest assured, you can explore all of these spots without a group of velociraptors biting at your ankles After all, the willingness of an audience to suspend their disbelief can depend largely on how well a movie's set matches its story. But due to production constraints, filmmakers often have to get creative in choosing locations, especially when a movie takes place in a medieval city, or on the fictional planet of Pandora You'll have the chance to get up close and personal on all the main sets of the movieif you dare of course. 9. How The Grinch Stole Christmas The Grinch set, which was used in 2000 to shoot the film How the Grinch Stole Christmas is still there to visit today if you take the Studio Tram tour Here are 15 locations from famous films that you can actually visit. 1. The Firehouse from Ghostbusters The Ghostbusters' New York City headquarters sits at 14 North Moore Street on the corner of..

Thus, read the following lines and learn about the most famous movie set destinations you can actually visit in 2021. Contents [ show] 1. Ait Ben Haddou. 2. Bruges, Belgium. 3. Matamata, New Zealand. 4 In a few cases, however, you can actually step foot on the movie sets that have been left behind. Culture Trip reports. A growing trend in travel is the phenomenon of set-jetting, a playful term for the search some film lovers undertake to find the real-life inspirations behind their favourite movies

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  1. 1155 103rd St (at Bay Harbor Club), Miami Beach, FL 33154. Warner Brothers. 12 of 43. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Hey Potterheads, you can visit the house that was used as the exterior.
  2. This Town in the California Desert Is an Old Western Movie Set - Why You Need to Visit Pioneertown, CA Courtesy of Pioneertown Motel This Town in the California Desert Is Actually an Old Western Movie Set Pioneertown, California, is basically Westworld in real life—and it's the closest you can get to the Wild West
  3. Visitors can also head out into the nearby hills with the museum's Movie Road Self-Guided Tour brochure to locate the exact spots where Hollywood's most famous cowboys filmed their iconic scenes. And no visit to the Alabama Hills would be complete without a photo at Mobius Arch , a spectacular rock formation that creates a perfect looped.
  4. This location was used for a number of western movies through the 1960s but, as popularity for the genre waned, the set was abandoned. You can still visit the dusty streets of Frontier Town and do your best Clint Eastwood impression as you re-enact the final epic gun battle of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.You'll have to bring your own poncho though

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Some of the most interesting places are abandoned movie filming locations. Here, you can find 10 movie sets locations that are free to visit. Pirates of the Caribbean Vallilabu, of Anchorage, the place of filming Pirates of the Caribbean from 2003. Location shooting is still possible to visit, and it still contains some scenery The movie was set and filmed in Simi, Valley, California, and while the ghosts may have been fake, the house was very much real. Scary movie fanatics can visit the house where little Carol Anne was sucked into a TV and her brother Robbie was almost swallowed by a tree, as the house still exists today on 4267 Roxbury Street But did you know you could visit the very sets where LOTR movie magic happened? You can! What a world! Below you'll find a comprehensive guide of the real life locations where the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed! Everything from the Shire to the Pillars of the Kings! From Mordor to Fanghorn Forest There aren't many purpose-built sets you can actually visit anywhere in the world, and none as well-preserved as Sweethaven spring to mind. Malta itself has gone on to become a popular film location for film and TV, but it's hard to imagine any blockbuster of recent times leaving as much of a lasting mark on the country as this

10 Things I Hate About You was probably everyone's favourite romantic comedy film in 1999. I mean, I can clearly remember that one poem Julia Stiles told the class like the back of my hand! I watched this movie when I was at the very vulnerable age of 14, so yes, you're right, I related it to every single guy crush I had at the time Best studio tour in Los Angeles. Go behind the scenes at a Hollywood studio. See how movies & TV shows are made at Warner Bros Studio Tour Visit the location of the loft, where Jess and her roommates lived: 837 Traction Avenue in LA, in the Artists District, this area is the site of an average of 900 movie shoots per year apparently! You can also visit Nick's Bar, which is actually called The Prince and is at 3198w 7th Street, LA. 13.Twiligh Sadly, you won't be able to find Sherlock's actual apartment, since that was a set, but you can always stand outside the building and take a look from the sidewalk. It sounds boring when you say it like that, but the exterior is just as significant as the inside. You can find the building in London at 187 North Gower Street

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The interiors were shot on a sound stage, but any Raymond super-fan can always drive past the two houses and check out the outside. Visit INSIDER's homepage for more. Read more: What 20 famous movie locations in the US look like in real life; 21 locations of your favorite scary movies that you can actually visit And if you find yourself roaming the Mojave Desert, you can visit the exact diner Telephone was shot at. The Four Aces Movie Ranch is located at 14499 E Ave. Q in Palmdale, California All the following public scheduled tours operated by Brit Movie Tours are ALSO AVAILABLE AS PRIVATE AND EXCLUSIVE TOURS and can be arranged on a day and time of your choosing. Wizards London Bus Tour Bus Tour of Harry Potter film locations in London including the Ministry of Magic entrance, Gringotts Bank and Platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station 635 episodes aired on prime time television over the course of twenty years, from 1955 to 1975. The movie set was the largest set constructed in the Kanab area. After the filming ended, the buildings were not maintained and became heavily damaged. Due to the state of disrepair, you can no longer access the buildings

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  1. g (seriously, almost a year!) and I am excited to share with you something very extraordinary in the world of film locations; a real, working movie set that you can actually visit. Note: the screen shots featured in today's post are a mix from seasons 1-4 of WCTH
  2. Visit famous houses from many of your favorite movies. From the stylish homes of classic films like A Christmas Story and The Big Chill to spooky abodes used in Psycho and Silence of the Lambs, find out where to go to take a selfie or in some cases take a tour. Here are some famous homes to visit
  3. 16 Horror Film Locations You Can Still Visit. The Monroeville Mall, primary location of 1978's zombie classic Dawn of the Dead. Source: Blogspot. It should come as no surprise that some hardcore horror fans are looking to make a pilgrimage to the real-life sites of their favorite creepy films, especially around this time of year
  4. g locations you can visit on your next road trip While big movie sets and celebrities are pretty Take a look below for some history on the spots you can visit from the It.
  5. It's also one of those locations that weren't changed too much for the look of the movie. So, when you visit, it will look like you remember it. The New York Public library has been featured in many films. 9. THELMA & LOUISE (1991): Dead Horse Point State Park. Thelma & Louise is the ultimate road trip movie for feisty ladies. Geena Davis.
  6. Site to visit: Devil's Tower National Monument, WY Stephen Spielberg imagined this unique rock formation as the site of an alien landing in the '70s sci-fi classic. It's easy to see why when you're faced with the real thing, an imposing chunk of granite rising out of the badlands

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Harry Potter set pieces and locations do very much exist, and many of them are available to at least walk around. You might even be able to find a Potter-themed tour, while you're at it 15 best movie locations you can visit on Google Street View, from Marty McFly's house to Ghostbusters HQ It's the ultimate movie buff's tour, and you don't even need to leave your house

If you're from the Sunshine State, chances are you have. Beautiful Florida is perfect for filming, and in fact it was just barely edged out by California as the home of Hollywood. They probably look a bit different now, but see if you can recognize any of these places in Florida from the movies they starred in Although it's just a movie set and nothing really happened there, doesn't make it any less sobering and terrifying to visit due to the real life counterpart it represented. [10] For more lists like this, check out 10 Crazy Theories About Popular Horror Movies , and 10 Medical Myths You Believe Because Of Movies If you have the chance to visit our beautiful field, check out the new Baseballism store on site! Go the distance and keep dreaming! Open Daily 9:00 am - 6:00 pm April - October. (10:00 am - 6:00 pm Weekends only in November) HOME RENTAL: Fans can spend the night in the original Lansing 3-bedroom farmhouse. Enjoy the Kinsella Experience.

In the opening credits of the movie, Stef is seen dunking in a basin for crabs along the pier. This takes place along dock 36 in Astoria. Sea Lions Line the Astoria Docks. You can park near the dock and walk along the piers to take in views of the fishing boats and cargo ships that frequent the Columbia River Go behind the scenes of a real working movie studio! Approximate Run Time: 60 minutes. Visit 13 city blocks on four acres of historic studio lot in the largest set construction project in studio history, built with creative consultation from Steven Spielberg himself. You'll laugh along with comedian Jimmy Fallon, the video host of the Studio. 10 Movie Filming Locations You Should Visit. 1. Forrest Gump - South Carolina, Georgia, Maine. While much of the filming for Forrest Gump took place in South Carolina (minus the bench, which is in Savannah, Georgia), there are many stunning shots around the US during Gump's numerous runs that are worth visiting. Marshall Point Lighthouse is.

The bad news is both of these homes were sets created just for the film. But not to worry, there are plenty of real-life shoot locations Parasite fans can visit Here are five Middle-Earth locations you can visit for real: Hobbiton. The most recognizable location is Hobbiton — the movie set in Matamata in New Zealand's Waikato district that was used during filming of both the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movie trilogies. The set was mostly torn down after the Lord of the Rings movies, but it. You can ruminate here on the career of Wall Street movie titan Jordan Belfort. Gordon Gekko would approve. Photos: Best places to visit movie locations in the U.S

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13 years ago. Save. As you queue to enter the studios on Halloween Horror Nights each studio displays a series of plaques attached to the outside walls showing what has actually been shot inside its walls. If I remember correctly they seemto have been mainly T.V. series, music videos and commercials 15 spots where 'Star Wars' filmed, that you can visit with friends. Want to feel like you're in 'Star Wars' location? Pack a suitcase. The city of Dubrovnik in Croatia was the shooting. Here are 20 Star Wars movie locations you can visit in real life. 1. AJIM, TUNISIA. YouTube. George Lucas used various locations around Tunisia to film exteriors for the desert planet Tatooine. Specifically, seek out the massive, queen-like sculpture set into the Italia gravesite where, like Wyatt, you can imagine yourself talking to dead relatives. Several tour companies offer cemetery tours. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008

Staying There. You can spend the night in Portmagee at The Moorings, where the Star Wars cast and crew stayed while filming. Or, go luxe with a room at Park Hotel Kenmare, a Condé Nast Traveler. You can visit plenty of locations where the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed in New Zealand, but none of them transports you to Middle Earth like Hobbiton does.. On the Hobbiton Movie Set you'll find the lush rolling hills of The Shire where you can wander past Hobbit Holes and have a drink in the Green Dragon Inn The record-breaking HBO series might be over, but you can still visit your favorite filming locations in Northern Ireland. Game of Thrones filmed at 49 Northern Ireland locations in total from.

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When traveling Ireland, you can pick up a Game of Thrones filming locations map at one of the tourist information offices downtown Belfast and set out on your own, or take one of the many organized tours. 1. Belfast - Titanic Studios. Titanic Museum in Belfast. The magic happened in Belfast at Titanic Studios 9. The Union Center for the Arts from Prince of Darkness. Photo Credit: Google Maps. While you can visit any one of these iconic horror movie locations listed above, fans of John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness doubled down on their horror movie love in 2015: by watching the movie in the place where it was filmed Famous for scenes of Marty's hometown that change significantly over the course of his time travels, Courthouse Square is located at the Universal Studios Backlot, where you can tour the area that's full of town sets from countless movies. The McFly Homes (1955, 1985, and 2015 You will find everything you need at Gammons Gulch Movie Set: 17 functional buildings - All buildings are fully furnished. Over 20 facades. 2 Saloons. A jail, mercantile, bank and newspaper office. Mining Camp: Mine, Miners Cabin, Ore cars and other mining equipment. Our Movie Set Location is perfect for your productions. We provide not only.

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In addition to seeing movie sets and sound stages from some of the most notable movies in film history, you'll also have the opportunity to enjoy a few specific activities. While on this movie studio tour, you'll be able to re-create a famous scene from the hit television show Friends , climb aboard Harry Potter 's broomstick, and even. Designer Anton Furst, who won an Oscar for his work on the movie, created the Batmobile and the Manhattan backdrop, taking up almost all of the studio's 95-acre backlot. It was the largest set. 6. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly takes place in the American west, but it was actually filmed in Texas Hollywood which is in Almería, Spain. You can still visit it today. Produzioni Europee.

The Sweet Hereafter (1997). One of the greatest movies set in Canada, director Atom Egoyan's Oscar-nominated The Sweet Hereafter follows the aftermath of a horrific school bus crash that kills 14 children during the dead of winter. Mitchell Stephens, a lawyer played expertly by the late Ian Holm, arrives in Sam Dent, B.C., and tries to persuade the grieving parents to file a class action. Remnants of movie sets can be found up in Johnson Canyon and Paria Canyon, both of which you can tour on your own. Quiet on the Set. Of course, any film fan knows landscapes are only part of the picture. A lot of the magic happens on the set. Get the full story when you head to the Little Hollywood Museum in Kanab Visit the Ranch. No visit to Dallas is complete without visiting legendary Southfork Ranch. As the set for the famous TV show Dallas for thirteen years and 356 episodes, Southfork Ranch pays tribute to the show with a variety of sights to see within and outside of the mansion. Tour the Ewing Mansion and re-live exciting moments from the series.

There you can visit the beautiful Collegiate Church of St. Michael where Maria and Georg von Trapp got married in the movie. This is a must-see for any Sound of Music fan. Make a full-day trip out of the location and stroll through the town, take a refreshing dip in the lake, hike up the nearby forest, and eat delicious seafood along the lake Due to props & sets being the intellectual property of the show, SGS doesn't own the rights.Therefore they can't just show whatever, whenever. They have to get permission. Also, it's worth noting that this is still a working facility so they can't keep all of the props and sets on location as it would take up space The premier TV and Movie Tour company in the UK. Tours of UK film locations from Harry Potter, Doctor Who, James Bond, Gavin and Stacey, Downton Abbey UK: 0844 2471 007 USA: +001 20 7118 100 You sure can. Spectre is located on a private island that stretches across Jackson Lake, within the city of Millbrook. If you wish to visit this fictional town, it'll cost $3. This fee is actually to get you onto the island. In addition to visiting Spectre, you can also fish and camp while on the island. YouTube/BGSU33

On Location Tours' NYC TV & Movie Tour leads you to New York City's best filming locations! On this guided sightseeing bus tour you get to see over 60 NYC locations featured in your favorite TV shows and movies. This tour travels through much of Manhattan while highlighting the specific TV and movie locations that are the tour's focus 9. The Union Center for the Arts from Prince of Darkness. Photo Credit: Google Maps. While you can visit any one of these iconic horror movie locations listed above, fans of John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness doubled down on their horror movie love in 2015: by watching the movie in the place where it was filmed 11 Filming Locations in Paris You Can Actually Visit Paris has had a supporting role in many movies and TV shows through the years, and few things evoke wanderlust more than watching the City of. For fans of Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Middle Earth and Peter Jackson's work in general, a visit to the Hobbiton Movie set in Matamata is an experience you won't want to miss. Yes, that is a bit of a spoiler up front but I'm still buzzing from it 8 weeks later Have fun!!! You should definitely add it to your bucket list. If you'd like to see pictures from my dream trip and the filming locations you can view them here or on my Twilighters Dream Facebook Page. :) ** Twilight Movie Filming Locations **. Kalama High School. 548 China Garden Road, Kalama, WA

Help!, one of the DVD's included in this set is a thoroughly delightful movie with a fantastic soundtrack. Anyone with a love for British comedy will also love this movie. Also included with this set is Magical Mystery Tour, You Can't Do That!: The Making of A Hard Day's Night and The Beatles: The First US Visit Hobbiton Movie Set Tour Adds A Second Breakfast Option. You can now get a morning tour of the farm set and eat two breakfasts just like a hobbit, if you can get to New Zealand You can take a tour of the Sony lot where you will swing by legendary stages from The Wizard of Oz and Batman. You can also visit the homes of popular game shows Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune! 20 th Century Fox. When Fox Film Corporation and 20 th Century Pictured merged in 1935, it became one of the most influential film companies of our time Set in 1980s Miami, Scarface is the story of determined Cuban immigrant, Tony Montana (Al Pacino), who takes over a drug cartel but succumbs to greed and addiction to his own drug supply. If you'd rather not say hello to 'Tony's little friend' you can at least get acquainted with some of the more memorable filming locations from the movie I know you can't say anything now, but when you are free I would love to interview you about your experience on the Lone Ranger set for the Lone Ranger Fan Club. Jason Ponic (author) from Albuquerque on May 10, 2012: Movie sets are exciting to work on. In a way the set terminology is like learning a new language

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Visit Snug Harbor for famous New Orleans Jazz and see where American Horror story filmed. Walk by the infamous LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans where American Horror filmed. New Orleans' Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral are iconic backdrops for scenes set in the Crescent City. Here are just a few filming locations that you can see both on. Dubbed Hollywood's backlot of Hawaii, Kualoa Ranch has served as the filming locations for several movies and TV shows, including Hawaii Five-0, LOST, Kong: Skull Island and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. One of the most notable movies filmed here is the first Jurassic Park, and several scenes from Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen. The award-winning Downton Abbey TV series, set in the period of 1912 to 1925, sparked the imaginations of travellers everywhere wanting to experience Earl and Countess of Grantham-levels of luxury. With the upcoming release of the movie (in UK cinemas 13 September), here's our guide to the filming locations that you can actually visit By visiting the town (or going on Google Maps, like I did) you can follow Tommy's escape along the Rue Belle Rade - albeit with a few more parked cars. In May 2016, on Google maps you could see the Dunkirk set builders putting up the facade of Le Grand Hotel de la Plage. Postcard, Malo les Bains (Dunkirk) The Beac

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They get reused and wouldn't look anything like the sets from the movies. However, if you're wondering if you can tour inside the real houses that inspired the Conjuring movies, in some cases. My TV & Movie Tour by private car is 2.5-3 hours long and covers a lot of the peninsula and if you're an Outer Banks fan, I'll tailor the tour for your needs. This is a private tour for 2-3 people and is $48 per person which includes a complimentary beverage at either a celebrity-owned restaurant or we could visit The Wreck if it's open

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25 Netflix Movies Set In Paris, France. By. Travis Neighbor Ward. Of all the cities in the world, Paris is one that you can't help but want to return to, over and over again. Join me in taking a look at France's glory through these 25 movies set in Paris. The first batch is streaming on Netflix; the second is available only on DVD through. Visiting Hobbiton on Your Own. While you can drive here on your own, it is not possible to tour the movie set without a guide. You need to pay for a guided tour and pick a time of entry. The tour is costly at $84 for an adult ticket and $42 for a youth ticket, but well worth it. Children under the age of 8 are free You want to know and understand the Gospels as well as you can so that you can represent it in a realistic way, he said. Being able to immerse myself in the Gospels and in the scriptures has been extremely rewarding. In one large open area of the set, the Beautiful Gate is set into a wall, granting entry to the Court of the Women Be it for cost reasons or attempts to make sets look as realistic and authentic as possible, producing a film or movie can take actors all over the world. Article continues below advertisement However, the Harry Potter series completely ignored this trend and was filmed almost entirely in the UK — and many of the locations are now popular. This page will be regularly updated with information regarding Hobbiton Movie Set's tour experience offering and opening hours. Click here to view recommended driving routes to The Shire's Rest from key centres. Tour and Coach transfer options to Hobbiton™ Movie Set from Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton. Read our FAQ's before you visit

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So to satisfy your curious mind, we present you 15 Harry Potter Filming Locations that you can even visit today. Harry Potter Shooting Locations. Here is the list of harry potter locations from movies that are very famous. You can visit them and feel like this magical world. 1. Alnwick Castle, Englan Recreations of certain interiors, constructed with the original movie props, were set up on the newly established Fox Studios Baja studio lot for the public to visit. That proved so successful that a separate theme park, with the Titanic sets as a nucleus, was set up adjacent to the movie lot To clarify, a set was built for 4 Privet Drive for the majority of the Harry Potter movies (which you can visit at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour). That said, in the very first Harry Potter movie (presumably before they had a high enough budget), they actually used the house on 12 Picket Close in Bracknell in place of the fictitous Little.

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While the Waltons was a drama and didn't allow for a live audience you can see how the lack of a forth wall for each room in the house allowed for the cameras ands crew to easily film scenes. Looking behind these sets you can see the fake walls from the back side of a interior set And that ends the tour. If you want to know a whole lot more, visit the friendly team at Set in Paris Movie Tours, which offers daily walking tours at 10am and 3pm, as well as private and group tours You can even preorder Blu-ray and DVDs before their initial release if you want to add a movie to your collection as soon as it becomes available. If you recently purchased a 4K TV, check out the 4K resolution section to see the latest movies available in this format If you saw The Holiday, you can skip the part in italics below. If you didn't, here's a quick synopsis from Wikipedia: The two main characters are Amanda (Cameron Diaz), a highly successful movie trailer editor in Los Angeles, and Iris (Kate Winslet), a lovesick society column editor for The Daily Telegraph in London We've rounded up 10 Hallmark movie filming locations that you can visit today that will make you feel like you've stepped into one of your favorite seasonal Hallmark films. 1. Monroe and Marietta. As you can see below, the house is obviously just a one-story home, but the set used for interior scenes had two floors, so a set designer attached a fake window to the section with the A-frame.